Cowboys VS Ninjas

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  2. This is too cool! I now have my New Year's Movie! Must tell the man! Hell yeah... action, just a touch on the corny side and plot!
  3. Thread moved in the name of awesome.
  4. you know EVENTUALLY they have to run out of ninjas, right?

    If they keep sending a hundred at a time and. . .
  5. Ninjas are like rabbits. You can't even defeat a pair of ninjas by shoving them down a hole...because eventually there will be a PILE OF NINJAS FOR THEM TO CLIMB ON AND GET OUT. THEY PROCREATE IN WAVES OF 100 MINIMUM.

    And...and...*after watching that trailer...for once, Ampoule would have no problem being the girl* Uguu~<3
  6. Looks fairly exciting! Would love to see.
    Now I wait for a movie where ninjas, vikings, and gunslingers fight imperialistic corn, looking to take their land.
  7. Looks solid, like it'll satisfy that short-termed fix but then you'll forget a few months later haha.
  8. Wow, one of the greatest things I have ever seen.
  9. Ha ha, I wonder what Ninjas vs. Vikings would look like. XD
  10. I'm going to try and imagine Geoffrey Rush is still playing a pirate. :P

    I was going to reply that this looks like it could be entertaining but I'm really waiting on Sucker Punch, then I found out Zack Snyder is directing Nolan's Superman movie!

  11. A giant wave of viking ships cresting over the ocean's horizon toward a ninja village...While an opposing wave of ninjas sprint across the water's surface toward the viking ships...THEN BOTH SIDES MEET WITH A GIANT CRASH!

  12. ...They probably were watching way too much of that Deadliest Warrior crap.