Cowboys VS Ninjas

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This is too cool! I now have my New Year's Movie! Must tell the man! Hell yeah... action, just a touch on the corny side and plot!
you know EVENTUALLY they have to run out of ninjas, right?

If they keep sending a hundred at a time and. . .
Ninjas are like rabbits. You can't even defeat a pair of ninjas by shoving them down a hole...because eventually there will be a PILE OF NINJAS FOR THEM TO CLIMB ON AND GET OUT. THEY PROCREATE IN WAVES OF 100 MINIMUM.

And...and...*after watching that trailer...for once, Ampoule would have no problem being the girl* Uguu~<3
Looks fairly exciting! Would love to see.
Now I wait for a movie where ninjas, vikings, and gunslingers fight imperialistic corn, looking to take their land.
Looks solid, like it'll satisfy that short-termed fix but then you'll forget a few months later haha.
Ha ha, I wonder what Ninjas vs. Vikings would look like. XD
I'm going to try and imagine Geoffrey Rush is still playing a pirate. :P

I was going to reply that this looks like it could be entertaining but I'm really waiting on Sucker Punch, then I found out Zack Snyder is directing Nolan's Superman movie!
Ha ha, I wonder what Ninjas vs. Vikings would look like. XD

A giant wave of viking ships cresting over the ocean's horizon toward a ninja village...While an opposing wave of ninjas sprint across the water's surface toward the viking ships...THEN BOTH SIDES MEET WITH A GIANT CRASH!

...They probably were watching way too much of that Deadliest Warrior crap.