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    Private Plot INFO -- OOC

    Armadillo Saloon -- May 8, 1889 -- 7:00 A.M.

    Lilith sighed, brushing her blonde bangs out of her eyes so she could correctly open the doors to the town Saloon without falling straight through, again. "Hiya Earl..." she waved towards the male bartender before sniffing the air. There was a pungent smell emitting from beneath her heels, one that you didn't notice until you let it waft into your nostrils for awhile. It seemed the owner finally got around to actually cleaning the log floors, except today was the day all the tradesmen were coming in to sit down and have a shot or two after flunking out of a hassle with Georgie Porgie, the town's main Market guy, which, in the end, meant nobody would stick around for that second shot with that smell. Lilith made her way behind the bar and began helping Earl with the job of cleaning the alcoholic bottles. He handed her a dusty bottle, she wiped it clean, and then it was set on the worn out shelf behind them - it was easy access and customers felt safer watching you pour their drink. Lilith couldn't begin to tell you the stories her mother used to tell her about her grandmother working in the Saloon. Some people were quite testy when it came to their morning drinks.

    "Gong, gong, gong, gong, gong, gong, gong... Gong," the grandfather clock, placed just to the left of the piano, rang out through the Saloon. Lilith let out an exasperated sigh and walked over to turn the Saloon's sign from CLOSED to OPEN. She was hoping today would be the day, but she honestly doubted anything exciting would happen.​
  2. After riding into town on his black and grey maned horse minutes before, Samael makes his first stop in Armadillo in a long while. He directs straight to the normal wooden town bulletin board to check for a new bounty hung up. Samael had heard rumors across the nearby areas that the town had just began with the struggles of the notorious Coyote Coons. He had thought to himself many times why he had not yet had the pleasure of doing business with the Coons, or making business of them. Despite the towns struggles the board remained empty. No opportunities other than the tedious farm hand or annual Tumble Weed horse races being hosted in the next couple months. Nothing of his line of work. "Dammit," he muttered under his breath. Every town he has wasted his time stopping by offered nothing more than a drink, and a new layer of dust in the boots. Samael needed ammo for his hand gun, but would need to look into it later on. Now it was time for a drink; he turned and began to walk his horse across the street to the old saloon that seemed to just have opened an hour or two ago.
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  3. The Saloon had filled up with most of the male population in Armadillo by the first hour of opening and by the second hour the same old town drunks were halfway off their chairs. Lilith had been busy running rounds to local gamblers and giving husbands messages from wives when it was their time to head back home. The women in town knew that if they didn't give the men their time then all hell may break loose, but the only way the deal could work seamlessly is if the men listened when the wives called. "Peterson," Lilith called to a burly brown-haired man from the bar who seemed to be playing blackjack and losing, "You know what time it is... Barbara needs your help with the little one." The Peterson's had a seven month old baby girl and during the first few months Mrs. Peterson was extremely pent up and called for her husband across the entire town in a rage, the baby in her arms. Now, to keep the peace, Jacob Peterson is due home at 9:45 A.M. every day or else his head is due on a stake.

    "Alright, alright..." Jacob got up and slammed his losing hand on the table, grabbing his coat and making his way towards the Saloon doors, "Thank ya Lily dear." Lilith nodded, smiling and waving as he departed before going back to her usual bussing rounds.​
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  4. Samael tied his tall black and grey horse to the tie down bar set up outside the dusty saloon. The town of Armadillo looked unnaturally empty for 9:30. Life seemed to be worn down across the small town and everyone's faces showed it. The people that walked the town today all hung there heads low as if looking not to where they were going, but only where their next foot would step. The town had got it hard from what the rumors had said, kids taken and women used for blackmail. It seemed the place couldn't keep itself together for much longer. The town had changed since his last ride in. Where there used to be smiling goodsman across the side of the town center selling their homegrown goods to make a better profit than the general store could offer or a few nice gentlemen looking to make a quick dollar, there now was old worn wagons and a few homeless drunks that harassed to get that same dollar. Samael wondered where this town was headed but knew it wasn't his matter. His mind was set on riding out the very next day towards Blackwater and Fort Manchester out west.

    He threw his horse reigns over the wooden bar and walked towards the swinging door. An older looking man walked out in front of him. He had clearly had a couple morning drinks and smelled of sweat and cheap rum. "Howdy" said the man as he walked out the door. "How you doing," Samael muttered to the man as he walked past him into the bar.

    He took a step in and scanned the room. A couple drinkers playing cards. A fellow to the far left sitting alone with a bottle of whiskey. Another man laughing loud and dead drunk on one of the poker players. A tall attractive black haired stage girl walked up the staircase toward her room watching him enter. Samael got a couple eyes as he stepped in. He walked towards an empty table to sit down, catching the attention a young and pretty bartender behind the counter. She looked as if she didn't belong behind the bar the filthy drunks every town offers, but instead with the looks of a show girl. She looked fairly well kept along with the rest of her saloon, and held a serious expression.

    Samael pulled out a wooden chair and sat.​
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  5. Lilith had been able to slow her roll once Betty, the main show girl, had come in for her morning shift. After giving Betty a run-down of the poker game in the far left, where Lizbeth Jones' husband was half-dead across Martin Fly's lap, she handed over the drink tray and took her place behind the bar once more. It was now Betty's turn to greet the morning risers and Lilith's turn to man the drinks that would be served for the day. Earl had traveled to the back of the Saloon about an hour ago with, of course, their second show girl on his heels. Those two were quite the pair, going behind Earl's grey-haired wife for a little extra fun. Lilith shook her head, taking up an old rag and buffering up the wood until she could semi-see her reflection in it.

    The Saloon doors opened and a hush echoed across the room. Whoever walked in was either very ugly or was someone that everyone knew one way or another. She didn't bother to look up, knowing in a few seconds the hustle and bustle of the morning commute would continue before the man, or woman, had any time to feel awkward.

    She turned towards the drinks and began cleaning some of the glass shooters, turning back to look at all the people that had shown up in less than thirty minutes. She smiled to herself before catching the eye of the newcomer. He had taken up the table closest to the bar so she might as well ask him what he wants, no use in him looking anymore like a sore thumb than sitting alone at a table with no drink. "What can I get you Poncho Villa?" she asked with a polite smirk, leaning over the counter so he knew she was talking to him. "We don't have much, but we got it all. Some stuff may even be hidden in the back." Her voice was light and hinted with a southern drawl, but it was also full of woman power, which matched the aura that surrounded her.​
  6. "A small scotch would be great darlin'" Samael said as he looked up with a grin to the girl behind the counter glancing at him politely. He had never been a heavy drinker and having a throat as dry as his was, he would have preferred a water over anything but didn't want to attract any extra attention to himself, soo he asked for a drink like any other person would.
  7. Lilith nodded, "Coming right up," she turned and sifted through several small bottles before finding one of their best scotch's. She grabbed a short glass, popped the glass stopper off the scotch bottle, and poured about two inches into the bottom of said glass for the man. He was interesting to look at, in the best possible way, but it was obvious there were several other layers beneath his skin. The blonde ran a hand through her unruly hair and walked his drink over along with the bottle, "Here ya go. Stay as long as you like hun, you'll potentially boot out Howie and his drinking buddies at eleven if ya do." She smiled warmly and continued, "Those guys are the thorn in my side. I'll be here if ya need me." Lilith tapped her fingers on the wood before returning to her station behind the bar.

    Not a second later Earl returned to his main post, disheveled and smelling of, well, you know. Their second show girl, Linda, looked even more so wrecked with red lipstick smeared down her cheek. Lilith barely noticed though since her eyes kept sneaking glances at the lone man who enjoyed scotch at the round table.​
  8. "Thank you ma'am" said Samael as he looked down at his glass covering his eyes with the brim of his hat. His small dream catcher hung down the right side of the hat.

    Samael looked into his drink and grabbed the bottle looking at the label. 1870 Swedish imported white perring scotch. He hadn't had anything of this nature before, but as the smell escaped the bottle as he opened the cork he could tell the quality was just fine. He filled his small glass, and looked up under the brim of his hat at the woman that just handed him his drink behind the counter, who was now wiping the bar down. As he looked he caught a single glance from her and looked back down at his glass and took a drink.
  9. Color the short blonde curious, but something about that man, with his wide-brimmed hat and cute little dream catcher, simply caught her attention. Maybe he was that hope for the day. Lilith stopped her cleaning abruptly and walked back over to the table to take a seat across from him. "I'm sorry to be a bother..." she started, but what should she say next? Are you the adventure I've been searching for? Are you that mystery savior? She leaned back and crossed her right thigh over her left, sighing in embarrassment, "I know everyone in this town and you are very new. What are you doing around these parts?" Lilith noticed how demanding she sounded and added, "If you don't mind me asking? Maybe I can be of service?" Oh that sounded... sexual. Her eyes widened and thats when the rambling began. "Not like that of course, but maybe I can give you my knowledge or something?" Smoooooth.
  10. "I'm here on business," he said as the cute girl sat across from him and spoke. He spoke in a serious voice but hoped not to sound rude. As he looked up to her face after he finished he found she was very attractive indeed. He wondered if she really did give everyone in the town this much attention. He didn't receive much small talk from people most of the time. Samael didn't look to be the most lively person in almost any place he went. "Ugh I better not scare her off," which he did most people.​
  11. Lilith nodded at his words, but poked a bit more, "What sort of business? Like I said, I know everyone in town and maybe I can help." She probably came on a bit strongly, maybe even obnoxious... Lilith just really needed something different to occur in this boring old town and she was pushing for the fact that maybe this handsome man was her ticket. Maybe she should take baby steps. She closed her eyes and took a breath, opening them and revealing a genuine smile, "My name is Lilith." She stuck her hand out and wiggled her fingers.​
  12. Samael laughed in his head at Lilith's shyness. "How do you do Lilith?" He didn't want to answer her first question and get into the work he was here on. And preferred not to bring it up to her because of what she might think. She seemed like a very kind girl, and his last intentions would be to give her the wrong idea. "I'm just... Looking for ugh... Whatever I can find." Samael payed no attention to her hand and kept his fingers wrapped tightly in his gloves around his glass.
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  13. "Usually when someone gives you their name you are supposed to give them yours too..." Lilith's hand slowly dropped into her lap and if you looked close enough you could see her right leg jiggle impatiently atop her left. This man was quite the character indeed. "Alright Poncho Villa," she smiled coyly, leaning back in her chair, "I can play that game too. So are you a in disguise bandit, a robber, or maybe a bounty hunter by chance?" With each assumption she leaned closer and spoke louder, grasping the attention oft he drunkards residing at the bar. The town of Armadillo, already plagued by the Coyote Coons, didn't take kindly to strangers like that. She hated not getting her way, but sometimes she could simply blow it off... This man, he was strange and endearing. She wanted to know more so she decided to ramble on and become obnoxious.​
  14. Samael continued to look at his glass covering his eyes. "I'm sorry ma'am... I don't mean to be rude" he said in a low soft voice. "My name is Sam, and I'm not looking to start any trouble." He say still as he felt eyes across the room fall on him. "Why is this girl being soo loud" he thought as he twisted his fingers eagerly across the glass. He also couldn't understand why she pressed on him soo much."Why is she trying to pick into me?" He realized the attention he was getting. He wanted no suspicion on him. He needed to remain incognito. For years he has been searched for by some very powerful people he had come across in the past. He wanted no attention on himself to make sure no word was spread. He paused for a short second, and said "Do you own this place Lilith?"
  15. Lilith noticed Sam's discomfort and nodded to herself. She turned and flagged down Earl, "Put a round for the entire Saloon on my tab!" The Saloon went up in an uproar at those words, drunken men whooping and hollering, the two show girl's getting pulled into some slob' slap. If there was any strange glances or suspicions aimed towards Sam then they were certainly gone now.

    She shook her head. "No. That man I just spoke to, its his place. I'm basically the manager. I just started working here a few months ago actually," she shrugged nonchalantly, the subject not to exciting.

    She turned back towards Sam and lowered her head to give him an apology, "I'm sorry... Look, I don't mean to pester, but you don't look like a villian or a scandalous type of man." Lilith was being honest, her hand coming up to pour Sam a bit more scotch and then place the bottle back on the table. "You do look like you have a purpose here though and maybe I could help..." she spoke softly now, trying real hard to get him to relax. She was getting desperate now.​
  16. "Perhaps you can help me with something" he paused and looked up with a firm glance. He saw her look from down at the table into his eyes, an saw her light up at the words. She seemed like a nice girl, just looking for something new in such a small lonely town. "I'm looking for some ammunition, and the general store seems to not be selling anyhow and the do you know where I might be able to get some?" He offered politely hoping to cheer her up.
  17. "Oh," she perked up immensely, practically bouncing in the wooden chair, "The pastor. His little side business is selling ammunition because well, its true, our General store owner doesn't approve of weapons." She laughed slightly and decided that this type of job was just for her. "I can take you there? To the church I mean..." Lilith offered right back, ready for a mini adventure at the least.​
  18. "I thought you were on job hours miss Lilith?" He sat still asking patiently. "I don't assume the owner your boss would appreciate you giving yours to guests like me on your work hours?" Samael said, now more brighter than before. He looked into Lilith's eyes and saw her will to be free of this place. He felt like there was something to do, but he needed to move on and knew that senseless relations with people he doesn't know would be a trouble to him in the end.
  19. Lilith laughed, shook her head, and stood up from her seat. "One second," she mumbled, striding over to the bar and leaning over to speak with Earl. After a few laughs and a wink from Earl, Lilith made her way back over to the table and put her hands on her hips proudly. "It wouldn't be ladylike of me to tell you what Earl thinks we are up to, but don't fret! Linda came into work today so thats an extra hand." She nods to herself, glad she came up with such an on the spot lie. "Earl understands that I need some time away from the Saloon... You ready to go?" She was giddy and excited to get out of the dusty old bar, truthfully, she could still smell the cleaner soaking into the floor along with all kinds of golden alcohol.​
  20. He looked at her standing above and laughed to himself. "Well then you lead the way." Samael stood adjusting his rifle strap, instantly ready to move on. He then got up after finishing his drink and walked over to the bar and laid down money for the drink. He wondered why Lilith put soo much of her time into helping him. A reason to get out most likely.
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