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    "Dis town has been ransacked every month for ova' fifty years. Why would 'dey stop now?"

    Circa 1889-1900

    The townsfolk were quiet people; courteous, lower-class people with jobs to work and not enough hands to do so. It's a small town, about one-hundred bodies to function the entire community, until the first of every month when a well known gang comes to visit the Mayor for their pay. It's almost an ironic tradition for the townspeople -- working hard for their families, paying taxes to the Mayor to keep the Sheriff's department functioning, and then getting robbed by grimey mutts with bandanas covering their faces. There's only two Sheriffs and neither can actually do their job when twenty or so murderers are on the other side of the barrel. Every two months or so the Mayor decides to coop up into his shell and calmly give the gang their pay, but most of the time his stubborn attitude is what kills the townspeople faster than small pox. They take women and children, slaughtering the cattle and butchering the corn fields... The Coyote Coons are the top ten most vicious gang in all of the Wild West, and they have their eyes set on Armadillo.

    This generation of townsfolk have the same issues now, except some are willing to take a stand and are ready to sever any ties with those Coons. The slaughters, kidnappings, and scandals are ending today and the rebellion will start with two unlikely "heroes". Can they save the town or maybe it's so much more than just a town that needs saving?

    Main Road
    North Side -- Left to Right
    • Cattle Ranch
    • Sherriffs Office
    • General Store
    • Saloon
    • Housing
    South Side -- Left to Right​
    • Church
    • Farming Market
    • Funeral/Newspaper Stand
    • Mayor's House
    • Livery/Slaugterhouse
    • Housing

    Armadillo Map (open)

    Durango Mountain Range -- rumor has it that several gangs reside here as well as Native American Tribes.
    Abandoned Mining Shaft

    Farming Lands
    Wooden Shacks
    Hidden Trails to travel to the Government Railroad Station -- Euphoria Mail and Transport Station (EMTS)
    50+ miles on foot to the next town over -- Country Hill

    Corn Fields
    Vast Desert Scenery

    Canyon Creek
    30+ miles on foot to the next town over -- Tumbleweed
  2. Rules (open)

    1. No God-Modding, Mary-Sueing, and etcetera.
    2. Be creative and fun no matter what!
    3. Stick to the two to three paragraphs a post.
    4. Abide by all other Iwaku Rules
    5. :bananaman:

    Character Skelly (open)

    • Name: (Howdy partner! Welcome to Armadilla')
    • Age: (You a young fella'?)
    • Gender: (You a lad or Lass?)
    • Family: (Ya got a family travelin' with ya? Do they do anything to contribute to the town? Do they know of these bandits?)
    • Appearance: (You are um... mighty tall... Did ya bring a trunk full of clothes with ya?)
    • Personality: (What are ya? A yellow belly)
    • Symbolic Items: (Did ya bring anything worth trading? Family heirlooms perhaps?)
    • Skills: (Ya got any hobbies? Are ya a farmhand or a hunter?)
    • Weapons: (Hand weapons ain't allowed in Armadilla', but I'm sure there are some hidden in people's shacks)
    • Other: (Anything else before ya get settled in?)
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  3. [​IMG]
    "Those bandits are just asking for a good boot in the ass."

    Name: Lilith Rose Bennett

    Age: 26; June 28, 1862

    Gender: Lass

    Family: Connor, Pa -- 51; works in the Slaughterhouse
    Susanna, Ma -- 47; helps with the Corn Fields
    Adam, Bro -- 10; recently deceased
    Marge, Collie -- Old; walks the town streets

    Personality: Lilith has quite the spark in her step and she ain't afraid to let it ignite. She's a hard-working bartender in the town Saloon and the outfit for her is just for a show. No pig-nose bastard is going to step in and tell her where to go and what to do; the hell fire blonde is happy to wipe the wood floor with your attitude. Lilith was once a farmhand, but she was too impatient to wait for green leaves to sprout so she decided to take up a job in the Saloon and she's been surprised at the mini-adventures she's found herself caught up in only in a few short months. But she seems to be looking for more after her brother's freak accident. Theres more to a book than the front cover, ya know?

    Symbolic Items: Her traveling trunk is from her great-great-grandfather and she has a gold-heart locket that is somewhat of a mystery item to her family.

    Skills: Lilith seems to be good at lip-reading as well as getting herself in a tremendous amount of trouble around every turn. It mostly ends up with her tripping over her own feet and spilling a whiskey or two. She enjoys writing in her free time.

    Weapons: A simple 1869 nickel First Model American Revolver, which she found when she was seven when playing around the train tracks.

    Other: Lilith has lived in Tumbleweed before Armadillo so she has some connections.​
  4. [​IMG]
    "Nothing's for free, not even the words I'm selling you now."

    : Samael Taylor Walker

    Age: 28; September 3, 1860

    Gender: Lad

    Family: Franklin, Pop -- 56; died of small pox
    Dixie, Mama -- 40; whereabouts unknown

    Personality: After trying to make a business for himself trading goods in the Northeast, and putting himself under miles of debt in the company of unlikable characters, Samael has become a very efficient and independent worker seeking money and a new life in the West. He follows a job precisely and believes death can strike anyone for the right price. He is very skilled in his trade and never works for free. He is the first one to take action, and is a strong planner and takes time to analyze every situation to the most professional level.

    Symbolic Items: Has a small handmade looking dream catcher on the side of his dark brown cowboy hat.

    Skills: While not being the most sociable, he is a very good hunter and tracker with exceptional rifle skills and a weakness for gambling.

    Weapons: A customized 1889 Scoped Elephant Rifle with sling, plus a single Volcanic pistol strapped to his waist.

    Other: Samael raised his own colt as a child.​
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