Cowboy Wanted (Again)

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Summer Rain

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I really enjoy romance in my roleplays; however, I do prefer to work up to it using suspense, tragedy, and mystery. The majority of my roleplays also dive into the libertine section, though I don't prefer this to be the main genre or focus.
Here I am yet again... looking for someone who would be willing to play a cowboy in a FxM roleplay, with a damsel in distress. I have a lot of plots floating around in my head, some of which include: (historical) woman works on top of a saloon as a prostitute but is attacked and saved by cowboy, (modern or hist) women runs away from abuse husband and ends up stowing away in cowboy's barn, (historical) Native American cowboy saves woman from being killed, and many more... Mainly if it has a lot of romance and a cowboy in it, I'm your gal!

**PLEASE READ** I am a very active member here and expect my partners to be the same if they would like to start roleplaying with me. That means about 4-5 posts a day (of course if you are vacationing, I'm lenient and can wait until you're back!). I just find that if I don't have an active partner, I get bored and lose motivation to write -- many of my partners seemed to have dropped off the Earth randomly, and it really disappoints me. Please don't start a roleplay with me unless you can commit to this most of the time. Also I tend to write 3-5 paragraphs per post and would like the same. Please, NO one-liners or even one paragraph. I just, once again, get bored and like explaining details and things like that.
And lastly, I'm looking for someone who is kind and easy to talk to -- as I often like to make friends with those I roleplay with. :)
Still looking
Still looking
Still looking
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