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  1. I can't remember how recent the last thread like this was . . . whatever!

    Have you ever heard a cover of the song that you liked as much as or better than the original?

    I've always been more partial to BNL's cover of "lovers in a dangerous time" than the original.

    I quite like Rascal Flatt's version of "Life is a Highway" as well

    and I just heard a male vocalist (Sam Tusi) cover Britney Spears "hold it against me." It was pretty good! what about you guys?

    Oh, and I love Erock's "Meets metal" covers on youtube.

    Smooth McGroove (another youtuber that I'm too lazy to link to) does really great A Capella covers, too
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  2. Takes the version the Cranberries made and blows it into tiny obscure chunks of indistinguishable meat. This song was made for metal. This song was made for a faster beat than the original had.

    Dope took this song and fucking owned it. The other versions are dead to me: This one wins.

    I think both versions are equally good, but tend to prefer this one. I like the harder edge to it.
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  3. Some Extras

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  4. Tori Amos - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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  6. -Proceeds to puke buckets upon buckets upon buckets of rainbows-
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  8. Rise Against covering "Anyway You Want It" is fantastic.

    I really like Atrocity's cover of "Sound of Silence".

    Guilty pleasure, but Someday Static's cover of Paparazzi is pretty darn good.

    I fucking LOVE Sabaton's cover of Twilight of the Thunder God.

    Alestorm did a cover of a song called "Hangover" which is super catchy. They also did one for Lazy Town's "You Are a Pirate" and the Village People's "In the Navy".
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  9. Fight me
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  12. My two favorites. <3
  13. This version of Mad World is actually a cover of Tears for Fears:

    This one is hard to explain. Coldplay originally wrote the song, and sold it to someone else to sing, but then Coldplay also did it, so, it's sort of a cover, but sort of not:

    There was one more, but I can't think of it now...
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  14. This was the fucking song that I had switched over to before a lady decided she didn't want to change lanes and stopped in the center of a road. Starting a five year long legal battle over a 20mph bumper hit that her car lost little more than paint over.

    Now I can't listen to it without getting frustrated that she kept trying to sue us for emotional damages.

    Personally I've heard loads of covers. None really stood out to me I guess. Lurking this thread because I like most of them already!
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  15. Holy shitsnacks I almost forgot the holy grail of covers I love.

    Look up Turisas' cover of Rasputin.
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  16. And I've never been able to find a high quality version of this cover, BUT...

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  17. 8D


    Shit I forgot the GOAT

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  18. Seconding (and embedding) Dervish's mention of this one:

    While I'm at it I'll also second Brovo's pick of Breed 77's cover of Zombie, Deuce's pick of EDEN's cover of Billie Jean, and Pachamac's pick of Cradle of Filth's cover of Temptation.

    And now for a few that nobody has posted here:

    The chill pace is a neat change from The Prodigy's speedy metal, and I like the guy's voice a lot.

    Instrumental covers of totally instrumental songs totally count, right? This one is awesome, made all the better by watching the video and seeing how hard the drummer guy gets into it.

    I don't particularly care for Daft Punk to begin with, so this one is almost cheating, but fuck it it counts.
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