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    Long ago, it all started with the Salem Witch Trails, caucasian women being converted into a mass coven, all by one witch. Tituba. The ones who were not smart burned at the stake, others who were able to withstand the trails of not being caught fled. Tituba being an african american slave, taught only the african american slaves her special talents. Shamanism life and death, necromancy, they are not talented in one art rather dealing with special complicated rituals and pleasing the gods. Also known as black magic. White magic, witches are not taught rather born with their gifts and, some curses.

    Black Magic Overview
    Originally coming from the art of Shaman's
    Converted to necromancy
    Very specific when rituals are done

    Needs time to prepare for spells
    Very powerful though as bringing dead to life, but then may go into comma for a week.
    Immortality, for someone...Tituba

    White Magic Overview
    Weaker branches of Shaman
    Run by "The Council"
    Supreme Witch who is most powerful of their coven
    Only two may be alive at one, one older and powers draining one younger and taking the olders powers.
    Specifies in one or two things.
    Supreme Witch is able to do many things.

    White Magic Coven

    Council Members (3 Needed)
    Young Supreme Witch (Taken)
    Older Supreme Witch
    Teacher of the Cover

    Dark Magic Coven

    Ritual Leader

    No OOC in IC
    ALL Iwaku Rules
    No Godmoding
    Don't get too far ahead of others
    2 Characters Only

    Character Sheet.
    Appearance (Real Life Pictures Please)

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  2. [​IMG]
    | Kastia Rose
    | 17

    | Loner Stressed Confused Calm
    | Resurgence - Transmutation - Clairvoyant - Telekinesis - For now just telekinesis
    | White Magic Coven
    | Younger Supreme Witch

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  3. I'd love to join! Is this based off Amercian Horror Story: Coven? I literally just started watching this last night! Only the first episode haha, but it's good!

    I'd like to just play a witch in the White Magic Coven. How many characters can we play?
  4. Two Characters, and yes it's based off of AHS: Coven
  5. Yay! I'm off to make my characters now, I'll be playing a white in White Coven and Necromancer in Dark Coven, please!

    I'll be working on my sheets asap!
  6. Mackenzie Ross, aqua Name Mackenzie "Kenzie" Ross.
    Age Twenty.
    Appearance Kenzie is a pretty girl, standing at 5"5 and weighing 120 pounds. She's got jet black hair that goes just past her shoulders that's always down and straight. Her eyes are an electric blue color and she's got a tanned complexion to her. She's got a nice frame and pretty face that looks innocent, though she's far from innocent.
    Personality Don't let her looks fool you. Mackenzie may look like she's sweet and innocent, and she can be sometimes, but in truth she's not to be messed with. She likes to stir up trouble and likes breaking the rules, she thinks they were made solely to be broken, so that's what she does. She rarely smiles unless she wants something, and even when she doesn't smile she doesn't show a lot of teeth, so if you get that then you must be pretty special to her. She will sometimes abuse her powers and use them for her own sanctification, which she has done before. Kenzie isn't a bad person, but she's just had a rough past that molded her into who she is today.
    Magic Human VooDoo Doll
    Coven White Witch Coven.
    Role Witch
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  7. Accepted!
  8. Name
    Ana Espina
    Ana is as tough as they come. Growing up in the shittier parts of Houston, Texas, she had to be. She has no trouble putting someone in their place. However, if you get on her good side she will be fiercely protective of you.
    White magic for now. However, being the only non-white girl (she's Mexican) in the coven, this might be subject to change.
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