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    Welcome to Couture Offices!​

    Couture is the latest and most up-to-date
    fashion magazine, although only a few
    years old, it's already up to the standards
    of Elle and Vogue, rocking the fashion world.
    Under the control of Editor in Chief
    Elise Renaldi, the magazine is set to go
    above and beyond in years to come.

    But like every other magazine, it's
    surrounded in scandals, rumours and
    dramas. Everything may appear to be
    rosey on the outside, but inside behind
    closed doors, relationships fall apart,
    hate becomes even stronger, and the
    need to be the best in the company
    takes over many of the people, but
    as employees soon find out, that's
    simply 'The Couture affect'

    There's never a dull day at Couture,
    between fashion shows, galas,
    writing articles and blogposts,
    there's always something to do.
    If you're Elise and sitting at the top,
    or an intern hoping to get noticed,
    Couture is a place that can your life,
    for the better of course, unless
    you're one of the unlucky ones.

    But it's up to you, your life at
    Couture could be one full of
    glory, one 'a million girls would
    kill for' or if you test the people
    above you, your dream could
    very quickly become a
    nightmare before your very
    eyes without any warning.

    Feel free to join!