Cousins Experiment

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  1. Taven and his parents pull up in their air force blue Chevy Avalance. Taven slowly gets out of the veichal a laptop case around his sholders and a blue backpack on his back. he walks to the back of the truck and lowers the gate and pulls out a duffle bag with a fecce blanket with a wolf pattern on it. As he is retriving his belongs he remembers the fight from the night before.

    All of the yelling between him and his dad, all past fights and arguments every bit of rage and anger he had stored away exlpoded into a fist fight between him and his down over the simplest thing but yet something that could of been avoided. Taven was tired of being treated like his fathers slave waiting on hands and knees for him having to put down everything no matter what to answer his father call for something to get him his coke out of the fridge when he was just in it, to making his food for him, to things that pissed Taven off to know end becuase of the level of lazyness it would take not to prefrom the action that Taven was told to do.

    Taven looks with his left eye over at the new house he was now to live in, as his right was swollen shut and black bruises lined his chest where he was puched and kick even to where he was picked up and thrown into the wall. As much damage that was delt to Taven he dished it right back. Taven had broken his Fathers nose and arm as well as knocking a few teeth out. once his things was gathered he walked to the door as his couisn's family walkes out to greet them.

    Instead of involing the police in the fight Father and son were able to work out an agreement nothing more Taven would go live with his cousin while his father recived help for his issuses and learned to help him self the arrangement was that Taven would live at least a year there maybe more. Being only 16 Taven had to move to a new school and town.
  2. Gabby woke up and groaned, rolling out of bed and coccooning herself in her quilt before hitting the plush carpet beneath her with a cute little squeak and a muffled thud. She laid there for a moment, wanting anything other than to have to get up, but she heard the commotion going on outside and she knew he was here. She didn't know who he was, but she knew he was here none-the-less. She rolled around on the floor for a moment, keeping her blanket around her, then she made a worm-like movement, arching her butt up into the air to get on her knees so she could attempt to stand. It took her a few tries, but eventually she was on her feet, shuffling from her room, still wrapped in her thick quilt like a black polka-dotted hot pink human burrito. Her messy red hair was everywhere, in an uneven, crazy array on her head, some in her ice blue eyes, some sticking straight up; it would definitely be painful to brush later. She hobbled down the stairs and wandered into the living room, her sleepy half-closed eyes drowsily taking in the events that were occuring in front of her. She had heard her mom's half of the conversation on the phone the night before. Something about a fight and giving up and having to make changes... She'd gone to bed after that. She yawned, burrowing her face into the blanket until the yawn had passed. She looked back up to the new guy in the room, the stranger she'd never met before that was apparently related to her, and blinked sleepily, one eye, then the other. She glanced to the wall clock and groaned in slight frustration to see that it was only 6:30 AM. She usually woke up at 3 PM on the weekends, but of course, she could always take a nap later. She looked down to the guy's bags and then back up to him for a moment before muttering, her voice broken a bit from a dry throat.

    "C'mon. I'll take ya to yer room."

    She turned away from him, making her way back up the stairs and leading him to the bedroom across the hall from hers, pushing the door open with her butt and standng to the side to let him in. She made sure he'd set his things down before returning back to her room, finally shaking the blanket off to reveal a body much too mature for her age of 17. She had curves in all the right places, legs that seemed to go for miles, a perfect ass hugged by a pair of black skull-patterned short shorts and a flat stomach that led up to her size 28D-cup breasts, perfectly placed beneath a black tank top that left little to the imagination. She yawned again, running a hand through her tangled hair and growling a bit before throwing her quilt back onto her bed and kicking the door shut behind her.
  3. Taven siently follows his supposed cousin to the room he would be staying his body screaming at him from the pain of his bruies every step of the way but he fought through the pain only sign of his pain could be seen in his blue eyes. After Gabby had placed his belongs in his room and left with his good eye he had watched her leave and stared at her a bit irritated and annoyed as well as feeling a bit unwated thinking to himself. She didn't even say hi or what her name was and I have to stay with these people for at least a year, Fuck, new school and everything and in the middle of the damn year to boot it oh well at least im away from him. Thinking back to his dad made him a bit mad but he suppressed his anger like always.

    Taven unpacks his belongings he put is laptop case on a desk by the bed and puts his pack pack which contained all his video games and consle inside of it next to the bed. Opening one of his suitcases he pulls out his 22 inch flat screen Vizo and puts it on the tv stand. slowly put surely he unpack he belongs hanging his shirts and pants in the closet and socks and underwear in the dresser having all his cloths pack away he would finish with his other belongings later grabing his wolf blanket that his grandma got him he sat on the bed and driffeted into his mind.
  4. After Gabby had dressed, she sat in her room, trying to run her brush through her tangled mess of hair. It took her a good twenty minutes, but she finally got it brushed, touching the soft now perfectly straight red hair and smiling warmly. She stood, stretching and adjusting her black t shirt and dark blue jeans before slipping her knee-high socks and her boots on. After she'd finished her routine, she made her way out of her room and across to Taven's room, knowing on the still-open door with a smile on her face. Now that she was fully awake, she was more hospitable.
  5. Drifting back into reality Taven reaches in to his back pack pulling out a note book and pen from his pocket he opens the note and leafs past prevouisly written poems to an empty page while starting at the empty page he yets agains drifts into his mind. While in his mind he play back events in his head.
  6. Gabby watched him, her head leaning against the door frame and her smile fading. He looked so hurt, so wounded, and not only physically. She let her brow furrow and she pushed away from the door, walking in and sitting beside him. She spoke, her voice soft, watching him with faint curiosity.

    "Hey... Sorry about being a total bitch earlier... Do you want something for your eye? I know this herbal remedy that'll have it gone in under an hour, I promise..."

    She knew the remedy because she had to use it many times. Her boyfriend of the moment, Chris, loved to use her as a pinata and beat her senseless, and to hide it from her parents she used the herbal medicine to fix it over night. No one knew but her and her assailant.
  7. Taven jumps back into reailty with such force that he jumps back into the corner of the bed away from the girl. Taking a few seconds to process what she had said he recovers his composure. "Ya I guess it annoys me only being able to see with one eye." Scooting him self back to the edge of the bed keeping his eye on his cousin he picks up his notebook that had fallen on the ground he closed the book and placed it back into his back pack. Turing back around he faintly smiles through his pain. "My name is Taven."
  8. Gabby retreats to her room wordlessly then returns with an already-made bath of the medicine in a medium-sized Tupperware bowl. She approached Taven slowly, sitting by him on the bed and tucking her legs beneath her. With one had she removes the lid of the bowl, with the other she scoops a bit of the medicine out. It smells strongly of honey and cinnamon. She rubs a bit around his eye on the bruise and smiles as it quickly begins fading. She massages a bit into a few other bruises she could see then replaces the lid, sitting back on the bed and watching Taven curiously.

    "I'm Gabby. Well, Gabriella, but Gabby is much better."
  9. Nodding as his swelling reduced he slowly opens his right eye blinking it a few times to adjust to the light. "Wow that stuff is amazing I was told it would take weeks to heal how do you know about it."
  10. Gabby blushed as he asked about her knowing of the remedy and she said nothing. She couldn't very well just tell this stranger that her boyfriend loved to beat her on a daily basis, now could she? As if on cue, her phone in her pocket vibrated and she pulled it out, checking the text. It was from him. She knew a look of fear crossed her face as she read the text. He was angry and probably drunk, which meant she would be used as target practice yet again tonight.
  11. Noticing the fear on her face Taven tries to look at her phone. "Is everything ok?" Looking once again at her he notices the same fear that he had just a few night ago a fear that he fought against a fear that he had won against.