Courted by a Werewolf?

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  1. So I had an idea for a sort of Gothic-toned supernatural romance.

    A spirited and intelligent young noblewoman who is approaching a good and marriageable age has rebuffed or turned away every potential suitor she's been introduced to. At a party with the latest one, he goes too far and she storms off into the mansion grounds winds up lost in the forest during a full moon. Lost, but not alone, as she's soon found by a werewolf who turns out to be quite friendly and keeps her company through the night. And then a week after the full moon at a masquerade ball a handsome stranger in a wolf mask approaches her for a dance...
  2. Hello, I'll be first to step up to the plate and just say, "Yes please I'll take you up on that offer." But I'll say it in a cooler way and be like, yo my homey... realize how stupid that sounds and then turn into a normal human and say I would love to do this roleplay with you. Nice twist on the werewolf thing. Also, like your alias. :D Maybe we can PM each other for more info. I'm better at those than forums; I forget about forums very easily. Haha.
  3. Are you interested in perhaps doing a similar storyline, maybe not as a wolf but a vampire?
  4. I am totally feeling this Idea, Spammy <3
  5. Also interested, pm me if you are as well
  6. Also interested! :D Are you strictly a forum-player, or could I avert some of your attention via IMs? ^^ PM me, please.
  7. If you're still looking or wanting, I would not mind playing this with you. Or if you have other ideas. Let me know!
  8. Love love love this idea...