Couple/Romance Rp Ideas 1- (No 18+ stuff unless you are old enough)

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anime and modern mostly
but fine with any genre i guess
Okay well I was looking through other RPs to join and I saw a lot of RP suggestions for romance based ideas among the other rp ideas I searched through. That made me brainstorm this topic so yeah if anyone is interested let me know.

Anime couple and Family ideas I've had so far

Naruto couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Naruto and Hinata
(2) Sasuke and Sakura
(3) Shikamaru and Temari
(4) Neji and Ten-Ten
(5) Shikamaru and Ino
(6) Rock Lee and Sakura
(7) Konohamaru and Megoli
(8) Sasuke and Karin
(9) Kakashi and Anko
(10) Pain and Konan
(11) Kiba and Hinata

Bleach couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Ichigo and Tatsuki
(2) Ichigo and Rukia
(3) Ichigo and Orihime
(4) Orihime and Uryu
(5) Orihime and Ulquiorra
(6) Jinta and Yuzu
(7) Uryu and Nemu
(8) Keigo and Tatsuki
(9) Renji and Rukia
(10) Renji and Tatsuki
(11) Urahara and Yoruichi
(12) Izuru and Hinamori
(13) Hitsugaya and Karin

Pokemon couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Misty and Ash
(2) Brock and Lucy
(3) Brock and Nurce Joy
(4) Brock and Officer Jenny
(5) May and Drew
(6) Gary and Candice
(7) Dawn and Paul
(8) Dawn and Kenny
(9) May and Harley
(10) Delia Ketchum and Spencer Hale
(11) James and Jessie
(12) Butch and Cassidy
(13) Dawn and Conway
(14) Iris and Trip
(15) Harley and Duplica
(16) Conway and Casey

Case Closed couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Conan/Jimmy Kudo and Rachel Moore
(2) Serena Sebastian and Saguru Hakuba
(3) Harley Hartwell and Kirsten Thomas
(4) Richard Moore and Eva Kaden
(5) Booker Kudo and Vivian Kudo
(6) Mitch and Ai/Sherri
(7) Conan/Jimmy and Ai/Sherri
(8) Amy and Mitch
(9) Conan/Jimmy and Amy

Digimon Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Kari and TK
(2) Sora and Tai
(3) Sora and Matt
(4) Joe and Mimi
(5) Izzy and Mimi
(6) Ken and Yolei
(7) Davis and Kari
(8) Ken and Kari
(9) Mimi and Willis
(10) Ryo and Rika
(11) Zoe and Koji
(12) Keenan and Kristy

Dragonball Z Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Tien and Launch
(2) Krillan and 18
(3) Vegeta and Bulma
(4) Goku and ChiChi
(5) Gohan and Videl
(6) Bulma and Yamcha
(7) Marron and Trunks

Inuyasha Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Sango and Miroku
(2) Inuyasha and Kagome
(3) Sesshomaru and Kagura
(4) Inuyasha and Kikyo
(5) Kagome and Koga

Yu-gi-oh Couples I would do RPs Based with
(1) Tea and Seto Kaiba
(2) Yugi and Rebecca
(3) Tristan and Serenity
(4) Duke and Serenity
(5) Joey and Mai
(6) Zane and Alexis

Full Metal Alchemist Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Roy and Riza
(2) Ed and Winry
(3) Alphonse and May

Speed Racer Next Generation Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Speed Jr and Lucy
(2) Speed Sr and Trixie
(3) X and Annalise
(4) Annalise and Alpha
(5) Lucy and Alpha
(6) Conner and Annalise

Beyblade Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Mariah and Ray
(2) Kenny and Ming Ming
(3) Mariah and Kai
(4) Max and Emily
(5) Hilary and Tyson
(6) Kenny and Mariah

Non-Anime Couple and Family Ideas I've had so far

7th Heaven Couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Matt and Heather
(2) Matt and Connie
(3) Matt and Sarah
(4) Mary and Wilson
(5) Mary and Robbie
(6) Mary and Carlos
(7) Lucy and Mike
(8) Lucy and Jimmy Moon
(9) Lucy and Kevin
(10) Simon and Deana
(11) Simon and Claire
(12) Simon and Cecielia
(13) Simon and Rose
(14) Ruthie and Peter
(15) Ruthie and T-Bone
(16) Martin and Sandy
(17) Robbie and Joy
(18) Roxanne and Chandler

Law and Order - from all series - couples I would do RPs based with
(1) Olivia and Barba
(2) Amanda and Nick
(3) Jefferies and Munch
(4) Ross and Rogers
(5) Eames and Goren
(6) Nichols and Wheeler

Elementary Couples I would do Rps Based with
(1) Sherlock and Jamie
(2) Mycroft and Joan
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