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Couple of plot ideas.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Valic, Jul 23, 2014.

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  1. Searching for more role play partners, I have a couple more ideas on hand that I've been thinking of lately. I'm particularly looking for mxm and an active partner. If you're interested, send a message here or by PM. .^◡^.

    Plot 1 (open)
    The Crumbling World.
    The world has fallen apart, the world has crumbled and broken. People are no longer what they used to be, the sky's are a muddy mixture of grays and blacks, their clouds ugly and broken. The sky at dawn often red and bloody like a pallet of spilled guts. But it always fades back to grey and black. Ti that foggy color of day and night. The stars no longer show, the moon stays hidden, the sun refuses to show its gleaming rays but only on occasion. The world has advanced in technology beyond human abilities to understand, the government has taken over and is destroying the planet's people as society knows it. Underground organizations. Technology, weapon, human, black market, and drug trafficking make for a sick and cruelly twisted fate. Those who steal and transport goods are called Bandits. Those in charge of Bandits and many others in these underground organizations are known as Hunger. That name now stands for their greed and devour of wealth, never having enough. They're the worst of the worst, the toughest of the tough, the most uncaring that could ever be placed on the face of the earth's surface. The government hates them, wants them dead. They're useless scum within their eyes. Though they're just afraid due to their higher advances. Collectors are known to take up many items and hold them for storage, sometimes even assemble and do as Hungers pleases. They're like worker ants or worker bees, doing as that highest in the nest wants. Doing all commands given. Predators are the vicious, blood thirsty dogs of the cruel and twisted world of these underground organizations. Predators are well known to be the ruthless 'protectors', often killing on blood lust, often being seen as mere guards. Scopes are those who, well by name, scope out the area. They deal with breaking and entering, stealing items, being sure travel is safe. Simple things such as that. Though even though these organizations are very well known of - you never see them. And if you do, you're out of luck. Civilians try to live normal, day to day lives in the shambles of their worlds. Children attend school, parents work and do the best they can, doing whatever they can for their children. Sadly to say, their world is divided. The rich and those higher in society live in lands that fare better, look nicer, and they are far more privileged in every fashion. Where as the poor and middle class mix and and combined, unable to tell them apart like Skittles and M&M's mixed together without their logos on the backs. A Hunger attends a hidden auction and collects a few items and a being who catches their eye - though that special being has a bounty on their head. For what? It's unknown. The Hunger knows nothing of it and it irks him, though his eyes are set on said being.
    {Slave trade, action, fighting, warfare, etc, etc. :3}

    plot 2 (open)
    Beating, Glowing Hearts.
    {Based on a Tumblr post} A classic loner, not many friends, stays by them-self, intelligent young student is picked on by the classic bully. Though in this alternate universe, hearts glow. They glow when they've found the one, the soul mate that is their other half. The heart only glows when near the person who they want, their heart glows brighter the more they feel in passion for said person.
    {Basically popular bully character x non-popular bullied character.}
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