Couple Idea's.

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I know these a more likely would be fan-based rp's it was something I've been pondering about doing and seeing if others would like to rp them as well.


I was thinking maybe a Harry Potter based rp.



I will take a poll in seeing what would people like to do and whatever is the winner. Will be the rp that I would be setting up.
*Points at Harry Potter!* Plus, already know several members like harry potter! XD
Yes, people are more likely to sign up for Harry Potter. XD
If Harry Potter is decided do you guy's want pre-epilogue, or after.
After epilogue might be easiest! then again, I guess it depends on if you're gonna allow people to play cannon characters or not. O__O

I already have a original charrie ready for a good HP rp ready, so I don't mind either way. >:D
Just uh, don't let everyone be a good looking british student on Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw who is great at magic or very preppy and with no personality.


With that said, I'll join, since I like the books better after I changed them in my head.
OH don't worry about it, I'm going to equally divide each character up, depending on their personality and whatnot.

I have two hufflepuff's (twin's) and a gryffindor that I'm thinking about using for this.

And also I will allow people to play Cannon's as long as they are played right.

I'm debating on the after epilogue part, because there's no headmaster. (hopefully one can create) we need professor's. One I know that's still is a professor is Neville Longbottom and he does Herbology. But I'll brush up on my reading quickly though for this. And a decision in whether or not to go after the epilogue or not.
lolz how you gonna roleplay the gunpowder lololol

But I guess it'd be good to play before the whole Voldemort shebang, at least to have new and self-made characters.