Country music!

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  1. So I know I like some country, and I want to expand my music collection (even more), so I figured let's throw a little country in there. My problem is, where do I start?! Any suggestions? ^^
  2. Hank Williams JR, Merle Haggard and Charlie Daniels.
  3. What do you get when you play a Country song backwards?

    You get your dog, house, and truck back!

    All jokes aside, I don't like "new" country music. It's either too poppy, too twangy, or too nationalistic. Or all of the above. The best country music (which, coming from someone who isn't a fan, you might take my opinion with a grain of salt) was put out between 1930 and 1980. People like Hank Williams Sr, for instance, or Johnny Cash.
  4. I knew I could count on Iwakyu for help! :D

    And Alan, all opinions count! I'm really open about music, so don't be afraid to suggest anything. ^^
  5. /me takes notes

  6. Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, George Strait.
  7. these bands kinda fall under "kuntry" as opposed to "country"

    the lacs, big smo, colt ford, moonshine bandits, lenny cooper, kinfoke, jawga boys
  8. Colt Ford sucks..
    He ruins the songs he is a part of.. bleeehh
  9. Oh wow, I'm used to having at least heard‚Äč of bands, even if I've never listened to them. I feel so lost! XD
  10. A couple of others that deserve an honorable mention, at least in my mind, are Kenny Chesney and Brooks & Dunn. Lively country music.