Country Girl x City Boy

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  1. Kieara loved where she lived. She loved the country, loved the nature,
    the animals, the plants....Everything about it. However, running such
    a large farm was hard. She had a hard job. Being the farmer's
    daughter, things got very hectic.

    It didn't help any that she was very pretty. She had bright red hair.
    Natural red, not that ungodly fire engine red. She had bright blue
    eyes, and a line of freckles accenting her face that ran over her
    cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She was very pale for working on a
    farm, often getting burnt, but because of her red hair, she simply
    burned and peeled. She never tanned. She was petite with curves in the
    right places making her very sexy. She currently wore a pair of boots
    with a pair of blue jean shorts, and a white tank top.

    The farm hands constantly hit on her, though she normally didn't
    notice. She was very dense about that type of thing. Her father was
    all she had. Her mother had died years ago. She missed her dearly, but
    there was nothing she could do about that. She wore a locket around
    her neck that was her mothers with a picture of her and her mom in it
    from when she was little.

    It was nearly sundown now and she was headed back to the house from
    the barn and orchards. It was harvest season soon and extremely hot
    this summer. She was thankful for the cooling greeting that evening
    had to offer. She smiled softly humming as she walked.
  2. Adrien Kieski. He's the kind of guy you can't describe in a single word.

    He's tall, has feathery brown hair, and grey eyes that are flecked with brown.

    Adrien isn't the jocky-type, but he does like his fair share of sports. Captain of the basketball team, one of the best golfers, and quite talented in soccer as well.

    Some people would call he arogant, but that's just a front he puts up. He isn't the kind to open himself up, not even with friends. Adrien asks like a snobby boy, but truthfully, he's deep and kind.

    Despite being attractive, he's only had one girlfriend before. The relationship didn't exactly go too well.

    Now, Adrien was standing outside of his new work-place. This was a small building. He was the newest member of "Roman Home and Glass Repair". A company that specializes in replacing broken windows and repairing things like roofs, among other house-hold problems.
  3. Kieara frowned seeing the barn's roof needed repaired. She went and found her father. He told her to run to the place in town. She nodded and hopped on a horse. She didn't have a lisence yet, so that seemed the best method of transport. She rode into town and tied the horse up out front. She then stepped into the front doors of his work-place. She spoke with a soft, soothing voice, but it was laced with a thick southern drawl. "Hello? is anyone there?" She asked coming inside.
  4. At the sound of the door opening, closing, and then a voice, Adrien walked into the front room slowly. He cleared his throat upon seeing the young woman. He tried not to think about how pretty she was, because he was still one of those guys who blushed and got awkward around attractive women.

    "Our secretary is out at lunch, so I'll help you," he told her, smiling. "What do you need?"
  5. Kieara was such a tomboy, she saw herself basically as one of the guys. She offered a smile to Adrien when he came out. "I was hoping you might be able to help us, my father and I own a farm not too far from here, and our roof needs repaired. Is there someone here who can help with that?" She asked him tilting her head a bit. She remained silent awaiting an answer.
  6. Adrien nodded, "Yeah. As a matter of fact, I can go fix that up right now!" He motioned for her to wait a moment while he went to the back. He told his co-worker about the job and grabbed the materials he would need. He came back and smiled. "Alright, lead the way ma'am."
  7. Kieara smiled happily as he spoke. He seemed so nice. She led him outside and looked back blushing softly. "I'm sorry....I can't drive yet so I'm on horseback.......if you want you can follow me in a truck but I think it will take more than just one evening of working on the barn to get it fixed. It's in pretty bad shape. If you do a good job we may have more work for you." With that she smiled and untied her beautiful black stallion.
  8. Adrien blink in surprise when he saw the horse. "That's cool, I like horses," he said, smiling.

    He nodded and went to one of the company's trucks. Before getting in, he turned to her. "Don't worry, I'll get it fixed as fast as I can!" he assured her.
  9. Kieara smiled. "Alright, just do your best." She spoke as she mounted the horse. With that she flicked the reins and took off twords the farm. She got off once she was there and led the horse over to the pasture. Then she waited for him to arrive.
  10. He parked the vehicle in an empty lot of dirt, getting out of the truck and walking the rest of the way. Adrien stood in front of Kieara and smiled. "Beautiful place you guys have," he commented, "So, where is this roof that needs fixing?"
  11. Kieara smiled softly. She met up with him and spoke. "Come on, it's this way." She spoke and gently took his hand. Her hands were suprisingly soft. She led him to the barn and inside. Inside were more horses, some cows, two bulls, and a small goat who met them at the door. "Daisy what are you doing out of your stall?" She asked in a teasing manner as if she conversed with the animals each day. The goat flicked it's ears and 'baaed' at her. Then it turned its two rounded nubs on top of its head tword Adrien and scratched a hoof on the ground like she might buck him. It was quite funny actually, she only rose slightly above knee high.
  12. Adrien looked down at his feet while they walked. Act natural, he told himself. He looked up at the sound of 'baa'ing. "Um... It... Can't hurt me, can it?" he asked, his voice shaking suddenly. Adrien didn't want to let on about it, but he had a few phobias, and goats were one of them. He didn't know why, they were quite adorable. But he was horrified of them.
  13. Kieara turned to look at him then looked to the tiny goat. "Why no, of course not." She smiled to him unsure why he was so nervous. She'd grew up around these animals though. "She's harmless. Her baa is worse than her buck." She giggled softly. "Shoo Daisy, git." She spoke and waved a hand at her and the little goat turned and ran hopping back over her stall door with another 'baa'. She smiled. "Over here's the worst of it." She spoke leading him to an area where the barn's roof had holes completely through it.
  14. Adrien smiled nervously. "Aha, ok," he said, laughing a little.

    He followed her and looked up, examining the damage in the roof. He whistled slowly. "I'll patch it up, but it looks like it may need a full-on replacement." Adrien turned to her, his cheeks red. "I'll have to ask my boss though, he'll know more than me."

    "For now, like I said, I'll patch it up."
  15. Kieara nodded. "Thank you, it's appreciated. I'm sure that Bessie doesn't enjoy the air." She spoke motioning to the cow who's stall that was. She gave a moo on cue whenever she looked that way then went back to chewing her cud. Kieara smiled. "I appreciate it." The stalls were nice and clean, and Kieara opened the door leading Bessie out so that she could let him access the ladder to get up to the roof.
  16. Adrien nodded to her, "My pleasure ma'am." He tilted his head curteously(?) and smiled.

    Tools and supplies in hand, he got the ladder and climbed up to the roof.
  17. Kieara led Bessie outside and tied her to a fencepost temporarily. She then came back and smirked as she took her own way to the roof. She often sat on this roof as a kid and watched the sunset. She shimmyed up the post at the front of the awning of the barn and then pulled herself up and was sitting there when he made it up. "Hiya." She spoke sitting on the roof smiling.
  18. He almost fell backwards, startled. "Hey!" he greeted, smiling. "How'd you get up here so fast?" Adrien set down what he needed and began the patch-work.
  19. "I used to climb up here all the time when I was little. I climbed up the awning's post and up." She smiled softly watching him work. "I really appreciate this." She spoke. It was a pretty view from up there. You could see most of the property. She looked out over their orchards. She smiled. The men were leaving heading home for the day. A deep voice came from the ground. "Kieara? Who've you got up there?" She looked down. "Oh, hi daddy! I went into town and hired Adrien here to help us fix the barn." she spoke. He called back. "Well, that's good. Tell him to stay for supper." She smiled and looked to Adrien. "Daddy wants you to stay for supper."
  20. Adrien sat up and waved at her father. He turned to her. "I wouldn't want to impose," he said, looking at her.
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