Counting the days (An Anthro Optional RP)

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    Day 1: A mysterious virus is released into the public by an unknown source, people transmit the disease like a wild fire.

    Day 4: The first case is reported and patient zero is hospitalized, but millions are already infected.

    Day 6: Hospitals are at capacity, drug stores sell out on antibiotics.

    Day 7: A state of emergency is established in every major town, national guard and DERA forces are deployed in hopes to provide relief effort to the population.

    Day 7 ((Night)): Patient Zero dies, casualties sky rocket within a few hours.

    Day 9: Morgues are at capacity, parks and subway tunnels are converted into mass burial sites.

    Day 10: Panic spreads, looting and rioting occurs due to lack of resource.

    Day 14: First case of deceased patients attacking citizens becomes viral, panic escalates and rioting becomes more violent.

    Day 15: Emergency responders become the first victims as the dead rampage the streets and began killing everything in sight. Posts are abandoned and the death toll rises dramatically.

    Day 17: The power grid dies due to lack of maintenance, leaving residents to rely on alternative forms of power. Military and government whereabouts are unknown, thousands of soldiers are left behind at their designated towns and cities.

    Day 18: The dead meander the streets, leaving ravaged bodies and carcasses in their wake. Chaos turns into haunting silence.

    Day 21: Supplies begin to run short, survivors begin to emerge from their homes to find confront this new nightmare.

    There was a time where we didn't have much to worry, where we thought only about bills and jobs and todos on a daily basis. That was all before the virus hit. No one knew where it came from or who got it first, but it wasn't long before hospitals were at capacity, and half the population became sick with this mysterious virus while the other half stayed at home so they couldn't catch it. The Disaster Emergency Response Agency (DERA) was soon deployed in almost every major town, setting up emergency field hospitals and ration distribution areas. Things seemed to be under control, that was until people started dying. With morgues at capacity and parks being converted into mass burial sites, panic began to surface followed by chaos. That was before those declared dead began to rise back up with a hunger for flesh.

    It has been almost a week since the power went out, the majority of the first responders are either dead or scattered. You are one of the lucky few to survive. Whether it is by some weird genetic immunity or the fact you haven't been infected, it is clear that there is only one goal; survival.

    Hello! Welcome to Counting the Days, an Anthro Optional Roleplay! Here you will take on the hordes of undead and survive. From jumping fences to sneaking around corners you'll find that everything involves risk. So get that cardio ready and... Don't tear your new shirt on that barbwire, eh?

    First off we will go over some rules:

    1. No arguing, flaming, or any of that hate on this OOC. If there is an issue confront your local GM and or CoGM to resolve it!
    2. No God modding, and no gary/mary sues gibberish whatever. Your character has skills! But they are NOT the all knowing being sent to this earth.. That's where teamwork might come into play!
    3. The posts will be limited in most situations. Lets not make it a 1x1 rp, eh?
    4. There can and might be a fear factor in place for this RP. There are monsters and evil things out there! BE AFRAIIID~
    5. I as the GM shall claim the GM Spot and say I have the ability to alter/change/you know.. Enforce ze rules!
    6. Any Ideas will be taken! Just PM then or pop them up in the OOC ^.^

    Character Sheet (open)

    Profession (Prior to the outbreak):
    Backstory (Give your survivor a story! Boring or energetic is your discretion):

    Immunity Lottery: ((Applying for immunity? Pick a number between 1 and 10. I will PM you if your character is immune to the virus. Don't go telling others now, YA HEAR? Leave blank if not applying for immunity [[Numbers will change at the GM's discretion, but if you win it you win it fer life!]]))

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