Count as High as Possible Before a Reset!

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  1. This is a fun and silly game from an old forum I used to regular, and I'm curious about how it would fly over here on Iwaku!

    The objective of this game is to count to as high a number as you can (counting one number at a time, mind you) before a @Staff member or @Community Volunteer posts a reset! Once they've reset, the number goes back down to 1 and you begin counting once again. The previous record I've seen was 517, though that was a very low staffed time on the forums. However, feel free to try and beat that out... ;)

    So I shall start at 1, and ask how you're doing next poster :P
  2. 4

  3. 10 you all are allowed to speak you know <~<

    Stupid old spam trauma xD
  4. 11 Oh, okay XD
  5. 12. Oh. "How are you next poster?" XD
  6. 15

    This is intriguing already.
  7. RESET!

    Current high score: 16

    Better luck next time guys :D
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  8. I'll play along and give you a 2
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