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Welcome to the section of the forums that is all about the more serious side of life. If you are looking for advice from people who found themselves in similar situations as yourself, or are looking for a constructive discussion regarding life and all that entails - you are in the right place. Please follow the forum guidelines to help keep the Counseling a safe and constructive area for all members!

*Modified from Iwaku's Original Rules established Oct. 2005*

The nature of this forum can get very tricky. To help keep things from exploding in to needless drama or harming members of the community, we would like all members to remember these few simple things.


Our Counseling forum is to allow members a place to let off some steam and get some constructive criticism or advice about minor problems. Sometimes you just need to chat with your friends about something serious, and many members here are happy to lend a hand. We have a Rant Thread when you just want to scream about something OR you may post a topic to request help from the community.


Topics such as drug addiction, suicide, abuse, rape or anything of high emotional pains should not be discussed in this forum. Iwaku is here for you as support and friends, but none of our members can take the place of a qualified therapist. This is the last place to turn to for psychological help. If you really need to speak with someone and don't know where to turn, contact one of the Administrators and we'll see how we can help.


This is NOT your blog or a Private Message.
If you don't want comments or people in your business, then don't post content in public. If you wish to have a private discussion with another member about your problems, try using the Private Message or an IM system.

Keep the subject in mind.
Please stay on the topic that people post! That means no thread-hijacking, spam replies, or joke responses. Members come here for advice, not nonsense.

Don't give advice unless you have experience.
This one is important because not giving any advice is better than giving bad advice. If you don't have first hand experience, then don't post.

Be constructive & respect others.
This should be self explanatory and goes hand in hand with no flaming, no trolling and the like. Trolling is NOT allowed.

Use the "! Report" button.
If you feel that a post is inappropriate, doesn't belong here or is close to trolling please click on the Report button. A mod will be respond to it as quickly as possible.
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