Council of Wyrms

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Council of Wyrms
You have been summoned.
A chain of islands rests far from the lands of man and elves, spread across the waters in a dizzying pattern. These islands are known as Io's Blood. Upon them lies the graves of countless dragons from history - heroes and villains to the bipedal races, but ancestors worthy of reverence to dragonkind. Once, the island chain was home to all dragonkind before the kingdom-building races were discovered. Humans, elves, dwarves and the like - long ago, a council of the most powerful dragons was gathered to decide on what to do about the Races of Man, succeeding on dividing the dragon races.

The Chromatic Dragons - Red, Black, Green, Blue, and other such colored dragons saw the Races of Man as a threat. Under the leadership of their beloved queen, the five-headed dragon Tiamat, these dragons sought to go out and conquer the lesser races. Seeking to destroy or enslave them to keep them from every reaching the majesty of their race.

The Metallic Dragons - Silver, Gold, Bronze, Copper, and their ilk saw the Races of Man as a fascination and found themselves growing to love and seek to guide the lesser races in hopes to uplift them to be equals among the dragons. Their king, a massive and powerfully-built platinum dragon named Bahamut, was loudest in this choice.

The Lung Dragons - Sinuous and wise, these serpentine creatures agreed with the Metallic dragons that the Races of Man should be guided, but disagreed in revealing themselves. Under the guidance of their Sibling Emperors: Tien-Lung, Shen-Lung, Ti-Lung, and Futs-Lung, who spoke with respect and grace.

The Fey Dragons - Called 'taninim' and thought of as the least of their kind, these gem-colored dragons saw the Races of Man as a threat just as the Chromatics did - though did not see the benefit in warring against them over control of the world. Without a true leader, the representative for these creatures was the Faerie Queen Titania, who later sheltered those Fey Dragons who sought refuge in her realm.

The result of this rift in choice ended in a great war which lessened the numbers of each dragon race considerably. In their great fury, the leaders of each faction fell against each other, sinking or destroying entire islands of Io's Blood. In the end, only a single of the leaders survived: the Lung Emperor, Tien-Lung. In his grief, he exiled the remaining dragons and became a great mist that shrouded the Io's Blood islands and prevented it from those who left. Forced to live in the realms among the Races of Men, those stubborn dragons continued to act upon the conviction of their now-deceased leaders, though there were exceptions.

It has been many, many generations of dragon since the dragons were exiled from the Io's Blood islands and dragons have begun to vanish. Once again, a Council of Wyrms will be called for dragons to attend. You are among them - though you might not be the strongest of your kind, or the wisest, or even the most intelligent. No - you're all that is left.

Each player may choose to have a single character or multiple characters - you may have one Dragon character, one Race of Man, or one of each. There's going to be a lot of talking in this game with a focus on character interaction, so keep that in mind during character creation.

Alrighty, first roleplay since coming back. I had run a similar game to this once upon a time, but it had been a jump-in (and did surprisingly well, in my opinion).

I'm looking for six to eight dragons and any number of the Races of Man, though the focus of the game will be mostly on the dragons (though with chances for everyone to shine).

Dragon characters will use this sheet:

Age Category: (Wyrmling, Very Young, Young, Juvenile, Young Adult, Mature Adult, or Old).
Type: (Chromatic, Metallic, Lung, or Fey).
Breath Weapon: (If Any).
Abilities: (Maximum: Two.)
Weaknesses: Dragonsbane, (Plus two others.)
Favored Terrain:

Races of Man characters will use this sheet:

Special Skills: (Max: Two.)
Fears/Weaknesses: (Min: One.)
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Name: Kriston
Age Category: Mature Adult
Type: Fey
Breath Weapon: Crystalline breath
Abilities: Crystal armor, Diamond claws
Weaknesses: Dragonsbane, Extreme heat, Extreme pressure
Favored Terrain: The Crystalline wastelands

Name: Mycel Riumpta
Age: unknown
Race: Mushroom man (matango)
Occupation: Cattle Farmer (Hidden organization underneath it)
Hobbies: Farming his cattle, making works of art
Special Skills: Absorption: Can absorb any kind of nutrients or abilities from a person or being of some kind, such as magic abilities or own skills and use them with a double or even triple output
Decomposition: can decompose the living bodies and dead bodies of organic and non organic items and beings from plants to people.
Fears/Weaknesses: Fire
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