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  1. Names Carter Dusk, i always role-play under the name, both genders (prefer Female)

    Alright so i am a easy to please Role-player, love anything romantic, paranormal,historical, modern,mystery,action and lets not forget Mature related. LOVE detail, not so great on the whole grammar side of things. Hate Fandom an steam punk.

    My Favorite roles consist of: (me being the highlighted roles)

    Brother x Sister
    Drug lord Child x Undercover agent
    Mermaid x Sailor or pirate (These are to different things)
    Lady in waiting x King
    Ghost x human
    Plus More, List goes on

    Please feel free to hit me up with any Role-plays, group or one x one ideas you might have.
  2. Hi there, Clotta! Welcome to the community!

    What on earth is your signature from? O__O I don't want to stop pooping.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. I see you like incest - stay here long enough, and we'll all feel like family.
    Anyway, welcome to the site. If you need anything, drop me a line, and I'll do what I can.
  4. I thought it be a great Signture!!

    Its funny and makes me laugh every time i read it :I
  5. Welcome to Iwaku! With such a line up of RP roles, you'll fit just right in at Iwaku. I hope you enjoy your stay!