Could you tell them?

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  1. There's a moving that just came out about this guy catching his best friend's wife cheating. >> He goes around asking what he should do before stalking the woman. XD

    Anyways, I thought it was a good question. D: If you found out your best friend was being cheated on, what would you do? Would you want them to tell YOU if they saw your significant other cheating on you?
  2. Dude, Bro Code.

    You gotta tell. Bros before hoes, after all!

    ...unless she rates at least an 8 on the 10 scale of hotness, but this caveat doesn't relate here.
  3. *Martha Stewart voice* Blackmail the cheater, it's a good thing. *end Martha Stewart voice*

    But in seriousness, I'd confront my bestie's man/ladyfriend and break their spirit and make them fess up.

    I mean it's difficult to tell your friend because they might see that as an act of betrayal like "How dare you tell me this" but if you drag in the lady/manfriend and make them confess then you get a cookie for good work because they tell the truth and you don't have that awkward "Well if you knew this whole time why didn't you tell me?" thing.
  4. My best friend>?

    I wouldn't think twice about it.
  5. I follow Zypher.

    It's actually happened to me before, back in grade school....

    Someone ended up with a black eye that day. And it wasn't me, or the boy. <.<;;
  6. You gotta tell him.

    He has a right to know, after all. Like OKay say, best friend. I wouldn't think twice about telling him. If I was being cheated on, I'd certainly want my best friend to tell me.
  7. Diana... I have something to tell you... This is really difficult, and I wish it wasn't so...
  8. I would, and I have. Being cheated on is one of the worst feelings in the world... If I can save one of my besties from finding out the harder way, then I will, without a doubt.

    Of course I'd want to know if I was being cheated on. I don't want to hear it from my friends, though. I want to hear it from my significant other, so that I know it's the truth. Men I used to be friends with have lied about Karl cheating on me, because they were jealous. [Which I don't understand, WTF is so great about me!? D<] I therefore don't come to trust many people anymore when they tell me those things.
  9. Agreed, that's what My best friends did for me once.

    @Fluffy, I know what you mean with people lying about Karl cheating, Some people just like stealing someone's girlfriend from them, But then again, If they were cheating would they really be honest with you?
  10. Well I think that in order to avoid any confusion if at all possible take a picture of video of them that way it's irrefutable. It it was my best friend I would most definitely tell him or her.
  11. Same here. I'd rather someone tell me, then find out the hard way. Oddly enough, I don't think I'd be all that angry. I mean, if she's cheating on me, then she's not worth the trouble, in my viewpoint.

    And yeah, I'd tell me best friend if they were being cheated on. It would be better than for him/her to continue dating them, without knowing, and wasting time and effort in a relationship that their boy/girlfriend doesn't care about or respect.
  12. .....I have a best friend?
  13. I agree with that. If it was my best friend or sister, I would have to tell them myself though.
    But I've seen people who get mad at YOU for telling them. Especially if they really love the person, they won't even listen and think you're jealous or just trying to mess up their happiness. In that case I would make the cheater confess.
  14. The unanimous, resounding answer is evidently:

    Adhere to the Bro Code.

    Bro code!

    <Chest pound><CHEST pound>
  15. QFT
  16. Bro Code.

    Its always better to know. I wouldn't expect any less either, It would be betrayal if you didn't tell me.

    On a less serious note in the 1800s the guy would kill the woman and the lover then tell the friend. Unless she was a noble.
  17. BRO CODE!

    Seriously, the victim in a relationship with a cheater very likely deserves better. It would be hard, but to carry on with that relationship in most circumstances wouldn be a bad idea. Zypher has a point though, I would give the cheater the chance to come clean about it before I told my friend.

    It might be better coming from the cheater, yeah?
  18. Either way Glaze, you're dancing on razorblades here.
  19. BRO CODE.

    Certainly I'd rather hear it from her, but if my friend finds out, TELL ME DAMNIT. I'd do the same for you.