Could you do this?

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  1. I've worn heels before, I've seen the damage they can do to ones feet... I don't think I could ever be daring enough to put on a pair of heels and dance like those guys. I mean... those are powerful and fast hits and they do it in high heels...

    Would you/Could you dance in high heels?

    What do you think of the choreography itself?

    WARNING: I don't think the vid is safe for work or school viewing, so yeah... I warned ya.
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  2. I dance about as well as a stick can bend. Anything more than what could be described as the teetering wobble of a drunkard and I'd probably trip over myself, so to dance in high heels? I don't think I could walk properly in high heels. :ferret:
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  3. I can't dance in heels. Like I look like a chicken just trying to walk in them and keep my balance without breaking my ankle. That's why the video amazed me o.o
  4. ...No...

    Edit: The dance was extremely erotic, but I'm cool with that. I have seen what happens to some ballerina feet, intense internet find.

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  5. They were on Britains Got Talent!

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  6. Yeah, I thought so as well, but I liked the movement, I wasn't shocked so much as I was surprised and impressed. But after re-watching it, I realized it was very erotic, hence the warning in my starter post. Don't want anyone getting in trouble ^_^
  7. Wow, that was fierce, like Z-snap was the kind of fierce I aspire to be lol

    But seriously, they worked that choreography, and with heels that can do some damage if you lose your balance no less.

    I'd be lucky to even walk two blocks in high heels, let alone dance xD I'm just so uncoordinated and have such a low tolerance to pain
    that it has to be a really, and I mean REALLY, special occasion to put on those shoes. So I commend these guys and give them a round of applause.
    I enjoyed the vid :3

    I stumbled across his choreography videos when I was doing research for a character. @___@ He is a faaaantastic dancer, as many of the people featured in his videos are. I super loves.

    I can't dance myself, though. XD I am too self conscious and awkward and don't really know how to use and move my body. c_____c

    @Vay can totally dance though. >:3
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  9. [​IMG]

    To give you an idea; that's about how well I can dance.

    I will not confirm or deny if I can do the above in high heels.
  10. I would never dance in high heels. The choreography is very provocative- they did a good job dancing in heels that high or rather, just high heels in general. O___O
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  11. Could I do that? Hahahahahahahaha, no. I have such shitty balance that I sometimes stumble and risk falling over while not doing anything special, like just standing there and shifting my weight from one foot to the other and somehow managing to overcompensate for the motion. This makes me a naturally shitty dancer. I would probably end up breaking my ankles if I even tried it.

    The choreography is pretty great. Looks pretty much identical to the kind of dancing you see females doing in music videos and such, which they often do in high heels. It's hilarious and I love it.
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  12. I learned how to do a basic four step from my parents as a kid, had to lead my partners during HS dances, never liked tennis shoes, only wore 2 1/2” pumps though. Now I'm less likely to wear heels, but if I'm going to ballroom or salsa, hell yeah I'm in heels!

    Now excuse me, I'll be wasting my day on YouTube!
  13. I love high heels even though I don't wear them much anymore. I have danced in heels that size. It's not easy and your feet hurt soooo bad afterwards. For dances like WCS your're supposed to stay on the ball of your foot so it makes it really difficult in that high of heels. As for that dance I believe the heels are a main focus point of the dance, so it works. The choreography is put together well and is fluent. I'm sure I could do it if I practiced enough, but I'd prefer dancing in 2" heels.
  14. haha, if I COULD dance, maybe I could dance in heels with practice, but I can't dance xD

    This shits impressive, though. Love this stuff
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  15. I would not be able to do that...

    I kinda want to do it, though O__O I really like dancing, but for some reason I never picked it up as a child and in my early teens I felt like it was too late... Lately I've been wondering about taking classes, and maybe joining an amateur dance company.

    (Also I feel like this is the perfect way to land a hot bae)
  16. I'd rather not.