Could This Really Happen

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  1. a normal girl called Allison Hale. She has a normal day job at a bar and also dances there, she doesn't exactly enjoy it but she needs the money to be able to pay for her flat and everything. She is 19 years old and is actually a pretty girl which she doesn't exactly see as she was abused by her parents and they also said she was ugly and worthless and that was when she moved out of the house and got the job at the bar.

    Allison sighed as she saw the time and that it was time for work, she had a shower and got dressed in the outfit she was given to work there which seemed to get her a lot of male attention seeing as it was very reveling and put the heels in her bag and put on make-up and got her car keys and going out her door and down to her car

    She actually hated work and by her luck, it was also the night she had to dance, she hated that the most, behind the bar she could deal with but the dancing on stage she hated sometimes as she felt like she was a hooker or something and she wasn't like that at all. She got out her car and put on the heels and headed into the bar and saw it was packed already and she put her bag in the back where other staff keep there things and put her phone in her pocket and went back out to the bar and served ​
  2. Logan was at home, he was a 19 year old man living in a flat. He was very famous as he acted like three times a week working with movie producers but his favourite would have to be working on the set of percy jackson and the lightening thief loads of actions and as a matter of fact loads of screaming girls.

    The only time he got peace to himself was at night time on friday when most girls were drunk,being bad or sleeping so he goes to a bar and drinks a minium of two of his favourite: whiskey and a shot of vodka.

    He was a fairly tall man with jet black hair and big deep blue eyes, he loved his job except for screaming girls he could never find a women and fall in love with her for him not because he was famous.

    Right so it was friday night and he got dressed in skinny dark blue jeans, a black tee, black leather jacket and black converses. He walked out of the apartment building and scurred over to his shiny, silver convertable and drived off to the pub.

    Then after 10 minutes he drived upto the bar and walked in and ordered his usually and looked around himself.
  3. Allison went back out into the bar and got a couple of people to serve and served this one guy she hadn't seen before and guessed he was a usual but she had never seen him and shrugged and got his drink for him and put it on the bar "Here you are, enjoy your drink" she said with a smile and went back to doing others serves

    She leaned against the bar where the drinked where normally held and got out her phone and looking on it as girls where dancing and she was on soon but really couldn't be bothered tonight and hated the way in wich some guys would touch her or the others

    She looked at the time and saw she still had some time until she was on, so served some more people coming up to the bar and ordering the drink that they wanted
  4. Logan smiled as a girl came up with his drink, he replied,
    "Thanks,"with a smile.
    He took a drink of it and and he looked round for someone to talk to.
    Then he noticed the same girl who served him his drink, he put on a gentle smile and walked over with his drink in his hand.
    He stood beside and quietly coughed saying,"hiii......."Spluttering his drink.

    (Sorry if short but couldnt think of it)
  5. [it's alright :)]

    Allison nodded with a smile when he said thanks, he was most likely the only one who had ever said that before to her in this bar. She looked at him when he came over and raised an eyebrow "Er hi" she asked with a smile on her lips "Do you always come here?" she asked trying to make conversation "Oh and i recognise you from somewhere, but i can't exactly put my finger on where" she said looking him up and down and her eyes landing on his georgous blue eyes
  6. "Yeah i do i normally sit at the corner but someone else normally serves me and i'm Logan Lerman just so you know,"he said with a smile and he put his drinl to one side and placed his two hands in his front pockets of his jeans. He smiled at her, she was really pretty and had lovely eyes as her stared at them.
  7. Allison listened to what he said and smiled a wide grin "Oh, well i'm glad i could of served you, that's it, i thought i knew you from somewhere, the tv, you're an amazing actor by the way" she said smiling and bit her lower lip a tiny bit, a bad habbit of hers and looked back at him when he stared into her eyes and she blushed and looked away and got her bottle of water
  8. Logan smiled and replied"why thanks and you are?"He asked. She lloked so cute when she blushed, he liked her a lot.
  9. Allison smiled "It's no problem, i'm Allison Hale" she said smiling at him and still blushing a tiny bit and just hoped the blush would go soon
  10. "Alison thats a nice name, it really suits you,"he exclaimed and smiled. He loved the way she blushed it was so cute. He didnt normally start a conversation but with this girl, he felt more confident.
  11. Allison smiled "Thank you, you're the first guy to tell me that you know" she said smiling as she looked at him "So do you like to watch the girls dance on the stage?"
  12. "I dont really watch them dance i just come here for a drink, but i do like to dance,do you want to dance?"He said nervously and smiling at her. He was enjoying this very much, she nice and easiy to talk unlike some of the girls who just scream at him which was really annoying.
  13. Allison nodded "I can dance with you if you enjoy dancing, i mean i dance here, don't exactly like it but, i'll dance with you" she said smiling and got off the chair and held her hand out for him with a smile on her lips, she liked him and didn't see him as famous but as a normal guy which technically he was
  14. He smiled he sort of understood what she said and he took her hand and walked with her to the dance floor and he spinned her around. He was having an awesome time with her.
  15. Allison smiled and laughed when he spun her around and she danced with him and couldn't ask for anyone better to dance with and was having a good time
  16. He spun her around and he swiveled his hips laughing and smiling.
  17. Allison laughed at him and shook her head and continued to dance with him
  18. He spun her around and he brought her towards him and he placed his right hand in her left and he took her right and put it on his shoulder and his left on her waist and he smiled and moved with her to the music smiling and laughing.
  19. Allison smiled and she looked at what he was doing and kept her hands where he had put them and smiled at him "Who knew you was such a good dancer" she said smiling
  20. "No one, only me and you,"he smirked and danced some more.