Could the best fighting game crossover EVER be happening?

It'd be awesome as all fuck, but it's way too soon to start believing anything, I mean, it's just a tweet.
Well one thing to think about is how are they going ot incorperate the "Finisher" system in Mortal Kombat into Street Fighter. Think about it, how would Ryu kill a person? Make them swallow a hadoken so they explode from inside out? Or perhaps have thier head knoked off by that Shoryuken move? Think of it! I mean just think of all the possibilities. Would be cool if they made a poll like on youtube or something about "How do you think they should do it?" for the streetfighter incorperation to the system.

What would be awesome next is 4 games, Marvel and Capcom Vs Sony and Nintendo. Yeah I know it is impossible but it always sounds nice, and it is but a humble opinion.
Guile vs Scorpion... Hm...

Chun Li vs Katara... HM...

Raiden vs M. Bison. MHMMMMMMMM.
Chun-Li! Chun-Li! Chun-Li! I didn't know this was happening! Amazing!