Could the best fighting game crossover EVER be happening?

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  1. It'd be awesome as all fuck, but it's way too soon to start believing anything, I mean, it's just a tweet.
  2. Well one thing to think about is how are they going ot incorperate the "Finisher" system in Mortal Kombat into Street Fighter. Think about it, how would Ryu kill a person? Make them swallow a hadoken so they explode from inside out? Or perhaps have thier head knoked off by that Shoryuken move? Think of it! I mean just think of all the possibilities. Would be cool if they made a poll like on youtube or something about "How do you think they should do it?" for the streetfighter incorperation to the system.

    What would be awesome next is 4 games, Marvel and Capcom Vs Sony and Nintendo. Yeah I know it is impossible but it always sounds nice, and it is but a humble opinion.
  3. The best fighting game crossover already happened.

    It was Capcom Vs. SNK 2.

  4. Guile vs Scorpion... Hm...

    Chun Li vs Katara... HM...

    Raiden vs M. Bison. MHMMMMMMMM.
  5. Chun-Li! Chun-Li! Chun-Li! I didn't know this was happening! Amazing!