Could someone please draw these two ocs for me?

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  1. Heyo. Usually I can find pictures close enough to what I usually look for but I'd like to have these two characters of mine drawn so I don't have to look anymore in case I use them in future rps. Y'know, if anyone has time or wants to do it. I'd like full body for both and a landscape for at least one oc if that's alright. I wouldn't be able to pay. I think that's it. Sorry in advance if my descriptions suck. :p

    Name: Mika Braun
    Age: 29-30
    she usually carries herself with determination and pride. She has a temper, and usually gets angry easily. When this happens she usually starts fights. At least, back when she was younger. She's more mellow now but still easily gets angry. Though, she is kind and willing to do anything for the ones she cares for even if it leads to injury.


    Slim, yet fit Mika has a tan complexion, her right eye is blue and her left eye has a scar over it after losing it in a fight. She usually keeps it covered with a black eyepatch. She's usually seen smirking or smiling too. She has a slightly small bust as well.


    Her hair is styled similarly to the photo, but is a light purple and doesn't have the red pins.

    Clothing: a black tank top with an unzipped grey hoodie, blue jeans and black sneakers for her human form.

    Landscape: Nah. Can't think of one.

    Other: if she was posing it'd be with a hand in one of her hoodie pockets, with the other resting on the back of her head.

    Name: Andrew
    Age: 22-23
    Personality: Somewhat shy and quiet, Andrew's a smart guy that has his nose burried in a book or looking at a computer screen. He usually has a small frown on his face most times.


    About average in build, with dull brown eyes and short, slightly messy blonde hair. Pale in complexion from being inside for many hours out of the day in his dark room. He has a scar going across the bridge of his nose as well as old small scars from shallow cuts along his collar bone.

    Clothing: black hoodie, blue jeans, sneakers, and a black beanie.

    Landscape: a living room setting, where Andrew is sitting on a couch with his laptop in front of him in his lap and a coffe cup sitting on the living room table next to some books.

    Other: I think I got everything.

    You can PM me or tag me here for any questions, if you want me to elaborate at all, etc.
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