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  1. Ok I am new to this site but not new to the life of roleplay. I have been into it for many years and enjoy para to multi para. The question I have for my fellow iwakuroleplayer's is. Is there a place on this site or a person I can talk to, to get a picture for my character from the discription I give them. Not just a random vampire picture off google but something trully unique a one of a kind. I read some where on here that there is an artist club or something but I am pressed for time most all the time and play when I can.

    Any help would be nice and any further advice on how I can better my experence on this site would be helpful too.
  2. At this time there is not a place to do what you are requestiing, but it is being discussed right now. I would suggest adding your input there.
  3. Like Ocha mentioned, an art "shop" sort of thing is in the works. We also have a section of the forum for showcasing art you could always browse through. Like I said though, it's for showcases. :] I'm not sure how often artists there are asking for requests, but I've seen it happen at times.

    And we do have a club: