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  1. Hello!

    My dear friend, Lupine mentioned this place to me so I decided to just join rather then look around. Silly me. <<;; But anyways, I might be ridiculously active because truth be told I am a lazy writer. <<;;

    But I hope to find some enjoyable peace around here and yeah...:)
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Cosmos! I hope you have a wonderful time around here! I recommend getting your profile all worked out and filling out the resumes~ That way people will know what kind of RPer you are right away!

    Oh! and stop by Cbox as well! It does get crazy but you'll meet a lot of people there as well.
  3. Hi there! I'm Bria, I'm new too... welcome and nice to meet you!!! :)
  4. I think calling me your dear friend is pushing quite a bit there. I do know her from another rp site, though. I am not too familiar with her style but I know she was fairly popular with the other users.

    Warning: stay away from Diana and it will be fine >_>
  5. Will do, LadyHarpy.

    Hello Bria, :)

    Thank you both for the warm welcome!

    Listen here you, don't make me yolk you up >:( I like you and a few others better then most so ACCEPT MY LOVE!!!!
  6. The title reminds me of this smoking smoking commercial that used to be around some odd years ago.
    Welcome to Iwaku. If you need anything feel free to shoot me a PM -nods- :D
  7. Hya there Cosmy and welcome to Iwaku! The name is Rina if you need anything just ask
  8. Oh, also stay away from Rina. She will eat you alive then kill you. >_>
  9. Love is never a bad thing haha :D
  10. Thanks guys.

    Lupine, stop telling lies. << You liar you. >> Clearly I'm inedible. T-T
  11. :D I am not like that at all! I am nice, Lupus is just jealous
  12. He has no manners <<
  13. Lovelovelovelove

    J/k. <3
  14. Wait, Rina and Mid are already getting along. God, my life is gonna be hell. Also, hello Akita.
  15. *Coughs and hacks back*

    Welcome to Iwaku!

    Your avatar looks exactly like this dog my aunt used to have. I mean, seriously just like her.
  16. I'm clearly raising an army against ya, Lup >:D

    Awee Bichons tend to look alike, :) He's one of my babies.
  17. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut DX
  18. Hehehehehe I'm in the chat box :)
  19. Welcome to the lazy writer's club! I am your host Diana, who never finishes anything but she is too busy roleplaying. 8D

    Welcome to the community!