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  1. Wooo!

    It's what it sounds like! A costume contest with no theme or anything like that, we just want to see your costumes!

    Submissions are open until Midnight on Halloween, with winners announced shortly thereafter.

    Awesome prizes include~!

    1st place:
    A $20 cash/PayPal/money order plus a shiny Donator Badge which gives you all the coveted privileges of our Donating members! You also get a personal Award Plaque image that you can show off your amazing skills with!

    2nd Place:
    $10 cash/PayPal/money order plus an awesome Award Plaque to display wherever you'd like! Paired with a swanky Donator Badge with privileges

    3rd place:
    $10 cash/PayPal/money order! Buy all of the cool online stuff whilst showing off your Donator Badge and Bronze Medal Plaque!

    Sounds great! How do I enter?

    1) Get a Costume! You can buy one, assemble one, or make one, however you like to do it!

    2) SELFIE THAT SHIT. get a pic! Personally I recommend getting someone to snap you over an actual selfie (gets all of you in the pic for a nicer shot) but whatever way you wanna capture that sexy mug is fine! hold something in the shot with your Iwaku username written on it, Please.

    3: post the pic in this thread using the following form:
    I am dressed as:

    Easy peasy, right?

    costume help (open)

    I found y'all some links to help you pick a costume, too! And @Adira has a wonderful thread for planning costumes!

    25 Last-Minute DIY Costume Ideas - great and simple ideas for teens and adults; most of these can be made with an assembly of clothes from your closet or a thrift store; no-sew!

    6 Easy Ideas - very simple and classic options!

    Easy HalloweƩn Costume Ideas - Terrible puns ahead!

    Martha's Top 10 - Feeling ambitious? These are easier than they look, but may require a budget.
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  2. Can this end like November 2nd or so? My costume won't be done until Halloween so I'd like the extra time to get photos and whatnot!
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  3. I can't wait to see what you're all join to look like! I'm so entering!
  4. Will there be verification? I personally won't be partaking but it might be a good idea just to prove people are who they say they are. Simple idea is have them hold up a piece of paper with the date and their username on it?
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  5. Agrees!

    I want to participate for fun but it also makes it more authentic with some proof added.
  6. We can add that, although we've not to my knowledge had a problem with people using images of other people/stealing images etc. but it doesn't hurt so sure, I'll tack it on there :3
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  7. I know what you mean. I also don't mean to sound like we shouldn't trust people on Iwaku but when you have a cash reward and reward plaque up for grabs some people may be desperate enough to win by posing as someone else. Verification is used by plenty of the greatest websites on the internet that have input from members for a number of reasons (including competition).

    Glad to see you'll add it, happy to help!
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  8. Totes forgot! We're also offering Donator Badges with privileges for the top three! Boy are we spoiling y'all or what?

    Spread the word! Awesome stuff could be yours if you're dressing up!
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  9. Poop, I'm not dressing up this year because I do not own a sewing machine, and costumes in stores don't run big enough for me :( Oh well, still can't wait to see everyone's costumes! I'd post a picture of my daughter dressed up :p
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  10. I don't know which costume I should enter with. Maybe Harley Quinn? I don't even know.
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  11. You can make costumes out of clothes from your closet or thrift stores, or even use cardboard/props around the house!

    @princessyuna there's some ideas in the top post, and google is a great help if you're having trouble deciding, too :)
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  12. I'm a cosplayer, so it's hard to pick a costume. XD
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  13. I know I can :p I'm just sadly not in the mood for Halloween this year, though it's my favorite holiday of all time. Just been a bum year so to speak, but I am just happy we can still carve pumpkins and my little one gets to dress up.
  14. Le Pic
    Le Pic (open)

    Who I am

    Who I Am (open)


    Bojack Horseman

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  15. Please include something in the pic with your username written on it to confirm its you in the pic!
  16. Okay.
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  17. He he, I'll be entering as well. Feeling pretty proud of how my costume is coming along~
  18. Mine will be up sometime in the near future.
  19. I might enter, just for fun. I'll see if I can get to the stores on Monday, need face paint...
  20. Entei. I'm using an older picture cause the back cloud is under repair.

    Proof: lol darn mask looks drunk
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