Cost: The search for a dead god

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This is just an interest check, so I'll try and summarize the concept. I'll save the big, dramatic and detailed description of the specifics for if/when the RP goes up.

Pretty much, the idea is this: A fantasy setting with just humans, where there were gods at some point in the past but they got into some kind of huge war. One of the gods wanted to kill all the humans for some particular, maybe vengeful or just plain self-interested reason, while another one wanted to spare them. Eventually the one intending to spare humans won, and the loser, with his dying breath bequeathed his near-limitless power to humans, on the condition that they pay something for each use.

So humans, who before this point were perfectly mundane and non-magical, can perform magic by sacrificing various things they put value in, from money to food to blood to their own souls. Of course, none of these options is really a very good option, and eventually the sacrificing will erode everything humans value to dust and worthlessness, essentially; the one non-physical thing, a soul, that can be sacrificed is done so at the cost of sanity, memory, etc., and is also not a good alternative.

The plot of the RP involves a king sending a party of people from his country to the alleged site of the battle to see whether there is another way, or whether another way can be made.

The general idea with the setting is kind of a subversion of the concept of "mana" that I myself use quite a bit; instead of there being some magical resource for magic, all magic stems from and destroys non-magical things. I fully intend to explore the concept and themes of a world that is destroying itself a little more with each and every self-interested use in magic, etc. etc.

One version is a keeper of elemental gates, the other is the one I use now. Gatekeeper Celcius sacrifices both her body and her time for this while Ananke Celcius (time) sacrifices body parts. She can regenerate them via the same magic, but it's fairly slow and energy consuming. I can explain that whole process in the bio. :)