Cost of Pocky?

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That One Wendu

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How much does it cost, where you live, for a box of Pocky? By box, I mean the size that has two bags in it.

In the town I live in, it's flippin' $3, almost $3.50

In the state cap, which I just got back from like yesterday night, it was about $1.50

How much is it for you?

(If cheap, then buy me some, yeah?)
What the fuck is pocky and why the fuck should I pay for it?

Who are you people?

What's going on?
Why would I want to buy Pocky? I've tried it. It's like sawdust with a layer of bland chocolate on top of it. I have no idea what the people in my school's anime club were huffing.
Why would I want to buy Pocky? I've tried it. It's like sawdust with a layer of bland chocolate on top of it.

Just as planned.

Anyway, dunno how much it costs here, but I'd assume above 50 - above 100 bucks range (if there are any of you Flips around here who know better, correct me!). A big bag of Frito Lay's costs around more or less 100 bucks at it's lowest, while in smaller packages, it's in the range of 30-50 bucks - for comparison.
15 bucks.... normal lays costs 20 for comparison.

Not a fan of them.
I haven't raided my local Asian supermarket for any in a very long time. ._. I usually just go straight for the bakery they have there and get myself some red bean paste-filled doughnuts.
I like pocky mostly because it's easy to eat while I'm doing other things (computer, video games) and I hate having idle hands; a pocky in one hand means I'm not too fidgety.

Also, it's not as messy as other snacks (chips) and I just have to take one. Other candies and whatnot are usually individually wrapped (the asian ones I like, anyways) or whatever.


*escorts Asmo back to his nursing home*

Don't wear yourself out, grandpa.
I don't like pocky much. :| Not just because it's a weaboo food; it's sawdust just like Spammy said. lolol

It also costs more than it's worth. It's like three fucking dollars. Those little cookie things filled with chocolate, though... Those are pretty good. They're called Hello Pandas, methinks. But those are also more money than they're worth.
Pocky's nice, and yeah easy to snack on.

As for the cost here in England, it's around £1.50 ( umm $2.50-$3 I think) depending on what size and what stall you buy it at. (I buy it at the expo in London). You can also buy it at a sweet shop in London but I can't remember the prize.

On the other hand 'Mikado' which is almost identicle but not always as good is more expensive, around £2-£3 I think. I don't buy it...

Hello Pandas are also nice, and around the same prize, but again it's difficult to find them.
i can pay 0.99 cents for the little box with like ten sticks P<
the crunchy ones & the strawberry or banana flavors are like $1.20 ish
they have veggie pocky here, too! its kind of weird, but the taste gets good after a while! x)

Ah! I LOVE Hello Panda! It's really cheap here & I can buy from like any asian store nearby (:
there's one I can walk to from home, too!

I usually get Hello Panda, Chocolate (Thomas the Train Engine XDDD) Pocky, & banana & strawberry yanyans!



Those look quite disgusting.

Give me a Twix any day.

Except Tuesdays.

For the love of God don't give me a Twix on Tuesdays.

I still remember the blood...

They said there was an accident at the factory

Not the Twix factory though

The Twix factory had been bombed

This was the doughnut factory

But they never found any doughnuts

The man was clutching a banana when they found him

And the word "Twix" was carved in the skin

Not the banana skin

That had been taken

They never did find out who took it
So I think I'll be having a Twix tomorrow, Asmo. Want to share one of the bars with me?
I like Hello Panda, but sometimes it's a gamble. Sometimes you get a panda with NO chocolate inside, it kills me it does.

Yan Yan I used to pack for snackies back in elementary school (whoa, long time ago) but now, it's too much of a hassle to dip the bastard in choco or whatever. Usually choco, for me. Plus, I try to conserve the chocolate, and then end up with extra, which I eat with my fingers, which gets messy.

I need easy-to snack food for when I'm art'ing.