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  1. My thread opening skills are six feet under right now, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet:

    This thread is one for some cosplaying talk! Tips and tricks, stories, wish lists of characters or universes, ideas to share, and anything else relating to the pastime/hobby of cosplaying! It can be a fun one after all, and I have already gotten to see some other great cosplayers here on Iwaku :D
  2. If I was going to cosplay, it'd be Light Yagami, Loke or Booker DeWitt.

  3. the trick to cosplaying isn't to be EXACTLY precise

    its to get a very close approximation that tricks everyone looking at it into thinking its EXACTLY precise

    this goes particularly for costumes that are very bulky or have very precarious attchments/additions

    sometimes all you need is the general feel/profile of the costume, rather than getting every last detail correct
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  4. As I'm starting to body-build a little more, I have decided to cosplay next November at the event we have in this area. Because I am so good at the voice, I've decided to do: "The Boulder" from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


    I'm mostly looking forward to talking like him for a day.

    "The Boulder would like to know where the bathrooms are!"

    "The Boulder has a question he would like to ask!"

    "Could you sign this for the Boulder?"

    God help me if anyone dresses up as Toph.
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  5. Huh. Someone who fits my body type.

    Time to go stand in the glorious Florida sun--- oh right it's been raining for six+ hours now.

  7. I just texted the guy I'm going with, says there's at least one girl who dresses up as Toph every year.

    Oh god, I need to plan this out.
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  8. I really wish I had the skills to do something like this.

    I want to make a Zant costume from Twilight Princess, but alas my skills are lackin'. One I might be able to do is Starkiller from The Force Unleashed.
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  9. I've cosplayed at Anime North as Ike before.

  10. Craft foam.

    It's stupid cheap and easy to use, and you don't feel bad for messing up. Glue these pieces together with super glue, make patterns out of paper, and before you know it...

  11. It's always been something I've been kind of interested in, but I'm not really the crafty type.

    Or the looks-like-an-anime-character type.
  12. Only cosplay I ever managed to finish was Scout from TF2. I looked damn good, though it was about -20 outside when I walked home.

    But man, I admire the people who can put together complex and detailed cosplays. They've got more patience and capability than I will ever have. And the cash, good god the amount of cash that goes into cosplaying if you can't do everything by yourself. And even then the materials can be hella expensive.

    I'd love to cosplay Pyro (actually any of the TF2 characters), Eren Jaeger or some random college student from Skyrim. Probably Onmund.
  13. I can second this. My favorite, go-to cosplay is Felicity Smoak from the CW's Arrow. My cosplay is just an amalgamation of random things I've found here and there that resemble things she's worn in the show. Nothing is precise, but the cut of the dress I wear is similar (and also hundreds of dollars cheaper than the crap she actually wears), and I have some Felicity-esque jewelry. I get recognized a lot at conventions as Felicity even though she's never officially worn anything I wear when cosplaying as her. The only thing I have that's the same are the glasses frames (albeit with a much stronger prescription, if the actress even wears prescription lenses at all with how many times she removes them during the course of the show, jfc) which I somehow managed to track down, but before I found them, people still recognized my cosplay even with my horn-rimmed glasses that you can see in my avatar. Also, make-up helps... a lot. You can have the best cosplay clothing pieces in the world, but if your make-up isn't at least making an attempt to resemble the character, it can detract from the overall look.

    Some upcoming cosplays I'm going to be doing are:
    - Bernadette Rostenkowski from The Big Bang Theory
    - Black Canary from Justice League: Unlimited
    - Felicity Smoak (again, but my friend is going as Shado next con with my boyfriend as Deathstroke and his friend as Shirtless Arrow, so it'll rock!)
    - OC Traveler from the PS3 Game, Journey (this will be the first cosplay I completely make by hand, and I am stoked!)

    I actually have a list of roughly forty-or-so characters that I want to cosplay as, not including the various outfits several wear. I also want to learn how to make wigs work with my ridiculously long hair... I may have to cut it, but I'm resisting for as long as possible.
  14. I want to cosplay as my own Inquisitor or Hawke, but they cost soo much money to make!
  15. My boyfriend and I are arguing quite a bit over who gets to cosplay as Caine Wise from Jupiter Ascending now that we've finally seen it. I'd be a genderbent version, but we can't dress as the same character, damnit, and he's not into genderbending, so I can't convince him to go as Jupiter. Sads for him because I'm winning this battle. hahah
  16. I now feel like I am too old and too round to cosplay the characters I'd really want to, and I just don't have the energy to deal with conventions now either. D:< I wish I had all this money when I was a teenager and in to this stuff!

  17. If I would ever cosplay, I'd do the guy from Hotline Miami with the bunny mask.
  18. I've gone as:

    A Jedi Master
    A Sith Lord
    Van Fanel from Escaflowne
    Ryu from Breath of Fire III
    Archer from Fate/Stay Night
    King Leonidas from 300...complete with six pack
    Spawn from Todd McFarlane's Spawn
    Darth Maul
    Rorshach from Watchmen
    Altair from Assassin's Creed...while doing Parkour
    Prince Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke
    Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate Zero
    Male!Ruby Rose from RWBY (my wife went as an actual Ruby Rose)
    A samurai

    ...and many others.
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  19. I love cosplaying, just have a very long list of characters to go as... just can't make it to a conventions v_v

    But I'll make it to one, after I finish the costumes @_@
  20. Cosplayed as a typical shifty American CIA agent once. You know, those ones from Ghost in the Shell? Or any other anime which depicts American agents.

    Had a few people actually want to slap me because I pulled off being a shifty American prick well enough I won Vash the Stampedes glasses. But I gave them back because I claimed to feel bad. (he has no idea I didn't clean behind my ears that morning)
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