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  1. Hey all! I've been talking with a few of you about the magnificent universe of cosplaying, and it occurred to me that there wasn't a general cosplay thread up here, which is a tragedy. So, being the good Samaritan that I am, I have decided to create one. I'm aware that there are a million places on this site to pridefully wave the Geek Flag, but I figured one more won't hurt.

    So! Some general topics to discuss, maybe maybe:

    • Have you cosplayed?
    • Funny/fuckin' awesome/glorious cosplays
    • What's been your favorite cosplay?
    • Upcoming cons and cons you've been to before
    • Cosplay experiences
    • Con stories
    • Who do you want to coplay?
    • The cosplay community (it's fine to get heated about its downfalls but please be polite)
    • Original character cosplays
    • LARPing
    • Makeup
    • Tips and tricks of costuming
    • Pictures!!! And photoshoots!!!
    • Etc.
    Personally, I am a huuuuuuge freaking fan of cosplay. I tend to do a lot of OC cosplaying, but I was Alois Trancy a couple years ago and am currently working on an Alice in Wonderland costume. All fun things.
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  2. There's already a topic for this exact thing not even a month old?

    Tried it once with a simple outfit. Was okay. Can respect the people that dedicate a lot to it and look the part.

    It's also really fun to laugh at the terrible ones.
  3. Yeah I've already stated that I cosplay in my siggy so I'll just say I d loli and maid cosplays
  4. I believe I saw that one as well. The one I saw, and there very well might be another, was on a very individual level; "should I do this cosplay, anyone have cosplay ideas that would work for me, etc." I wanted to make a general cosplay thread, is all. ^^
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  5. That was me and I have done a general one but it got lost in the threads.
  6. I did two dragon ball z characters, one Lupin the III, and one Saint Seiya... my friend and I only went all out the first year, after that we kinda just winged it D:
  7. My favourite cosplay I've seen is probably two guys Cosplaying as Daft Punk, and the cosplay I hope to do soon is Axel from KHII! :D
  8. Closest I've ever come to cosplay:


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  9. That's Manda-glorious! :D
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  10. Never done cosplay before, but always been curious enough to try it. I just have no idea where I'd even start, though.

    But if I could I'd love to have myself and four friends do these guys:

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  11. Yo. I'mma steal yo shit.

    ANd since LARP is included, here are some choice pictures of my LARP group and the Makeup/Prostethics/mask work and gear we have.



    Also. My two friends/Group members run the Blog So you can find more of our stuff there.
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  12. I have a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home and a notepad cosplay I am preeeeetty proud of. They got me A LOT of positive attention. I've got quite a few other fun cosplays that are a little less hardcore (and the restrict my mobility/breathing to a far lesser degree lmao)

    I desperately want to cosplay Undyne (hopefully with battle armour) at an upcoming con (I usually try to at least make Animethon and Edmonton Expo if I'm not broke af) but it is... ambitious to say the least. I've never constructed armour before.
  13. I've actually done quite a bit already, mostly for things other than conventions; Cause I'll never see a decently sized one come any where close to where I live.

    I spent a few times going to Revolutionary War Reenactment events, with the nearest unit, The 55th Regiment of Foot. I was just a guest, but they let me burrow a spare uniform and march around a few times, really been thinking about joining permanently. What was cool about the 55th, was that they were in country for the longest period of time, and thus our equipment looks more worn and dirty than others.

    I also worked at a Renaissance Fair selling swords, which allowed me to put together a pretty good Blacksmith's outfit.

    I became friends with a member of the 501st Legion and participated at a few charity events in uniform. That's another group I think about joining, making my own officer outfit. But yeah, I just wore a Stormtrooper costume.

    At the small convention nearby, I was The Boulder, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, mostly because I can pull the voice of really well.

    Next year though, me and three other friends will be road-tripping to a larger convention, the four of us dressed as WarBoys from MadMax
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  14. This is probably my only example of a proper Cosplay.


    The others are all just me improvising stuff from home.
    I've fancied the idea of Cosplaying Gilgamesh at some point, but I need to be confident that the weather + crowds won't try to murder me with heat first...
    And with my con experience I don't see that happening.
  15. Never cosplayed but want to! I'm hoping to borrow a friend's Miku Matryoshka set and wear it for the Year 12 dress up day.

    And I'm not exactly always free (or have the money) to go to the anime cons here, but I wanna try just so I can see some good cosplays because holy shit a lot of people here put in a lot of effort. I have a friend who works at least 6 months to a year before a convention just so she can create some complex weapons or armor or something.

    Personally, I might cosplay an OC or something. Or a Titan from SNK. Or Ren Kougyoku from Magi ; u;
  16. Have you cosplayed?

    Funny/fuckin'awesome/glorious cosplays
    -I've done Van Fanel (Escaflowne), a Jedi Knight, a Sith Lord, Ryu (Breath of Fire III), Prince Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke), Altair (Assassin's Creed), Rorshach (Watchmen), Darth Maul (Star Wars), a samurai, and a couple others

    What's been your favorite cosplay?
    -Jedi Knight

    Upcoming cons and cons you've been to before
    -Wizard World Comic Con
    -Anime Central

    Cosplay experiences
    -Wizard World Comic Con
    -Anime Central​

    Con stories
    -During my wife's first con at Anime Central 2014, she dressed up as Ruby Rose (RWBY) and did amazing

    Who do you want to cosplay?
    -This year, my group is going with a RWBY theme, so I will either do a male Ruby Rose or Uncle Qrow
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