Cosplay season 2016 - 17

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  1. So I have cosplay I'm going to work on this season but I wanted opinions and other choices because I do model.

    I specialize in lolis and maids!

    Here is my da: LaNekoccino on DeviantArt

    comment any anime characters I should do
  2. (Already doing Hestia from DanMachi
  3. How about Rori from gate?

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  4. Ohhhhhh that axe doe.
  5. I know someone who crafts costuming stuff and could ask him for methods to making it if you'd like.
  6. Erza from Fairy Tail, or Leone from Akame Ga Kill!
  7. Erza isn't a loli...
  8. Yes that would help!
  9. I'll bring it up next time I talk to him.
  10. Thank you Lief!
  11. I cosplay loli character x.x
  12. *re-reads*

    Oops. Missed that part. :/

    Best I can think of is the girls in Madoka Magicka.
  13. yeah i'm like a 19 year old in a 12 year old's body
  14. How tall are you? You don't look that tiny. Also, you have a gorgeous profile, and beautiful jawline.

    i promise i'm not a perv
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  15. 5'
  16. ...

    Okay yeah you're tiny.
  17. yeahhhhh
  18. Not so much a loli but I think you could make a good Mey-Rin from Kuroshitsuji?


    Just try... heels?
    This thread also reminded me that I need to get in shape for my maid cosplay ugh
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