Cosmos Academy

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    "It had to change, of course. Just like, so long ago, humanity fell from the Garden of Eden, we too had to fall. From the beginning, it was too good. A place all to our own? Without fear of oppression? Of persecution? A child's dream. We should have seen the signs. They were everywhere. A young elf killed in Norway? A shapeshifter slain in France? Of course, we turned a blind eye to it. And now, we're being slain in our own homes. It is no longer the time to look away, to hide the evidence, to act like we won't be next. Now is the time to fight back, to reclaim our home. And not merely that--it is the time to show to the world that we aren't just purveyors of cheap tricks. It is now that we should prove, once and for all, that we are our own people, and that we won't back down." - Claus Faolan Retsel (January 18, 2115)

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