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  1. I'd sort of fallen into rut lately, just generally feeling stuck along with some other things kicking me in the face for good measure, but I'm finally snapping out of it, and I'm hoping some new Roleplays will help pull me the rest of the way out of the hole I've found myself in by helping me kickstart my creative juices again.

    ((NOTE: All plots and parings can be M/M, F/F, or M/F, although I'm partial and more comfortable with M/M))


    Space Pirates
    The result of watching both Stardust and Treasure Planet one too many times, all the epic battles, debauchery and adventure of a regular pirate RP, but in space. I don't have many of the details worked out for this one - maybe one character is a pirate and the other a stowaway? - but we can work it out and brainstorm together in PM's to come up with something unique

    School for the Gifted*:
    Two students from a prestigious private school who hate each other with a fiery passion are forced to work together to fulfill a requirement in order to graduate. Drama and hilarity ensues.
    (School could actually be a school of magic/the supernatural, if you want to go that route)


    (Italics are the characters/roles I would prefer. * = paring/plot I would really like to play )

    "Bad boy" type character/Snarky Wallflower
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  2. More plots!

    An Empath and an Anchor*:
    One of my favourite plots/dynamic to explore, this is a plot I've played before and probably always go back too when I have the chance.

    MC is an Empath, meaning they can feel the emotions of the people around them. They've had this ability from a young age and because of it, they sometimes have a hard time separating their own emotions from everyone else and knowing what they themselves are feeling. Large groups and crowds only make it worse. YC is MC's Anchor. An Anchor is kind of like a buffer for the Empath between them and other people's emotions. The Empath focuses on their Anchor's emotions and it keeps them from getting overwhelmed and overloaded with other people's emotions and also allows them to keep their sanity intact.

    But what happens when MC starts falling for YC, their Anchor? MC's unsure if it's really what their feeling or if they're picking up on someone elses emotions. YC, having developed a crush on MC but trying to hide it as best they can, decides to take advantage of this and begins a relationship with MC

    Demon/Human Plot
    A demon kidnaps the human because they wanted the human as pet or something. For the human it's hate at first sight - scared and upset and then angry that they've been kidnapped. But as time goes on they get used to the demon (It could be a form of Stockholm syndrome but by that point they been with the demon so long (and possibly conditioned) that it doesn't cross their mind.) It's not True Love - more like a cycle of Love/Hate - but it's something

    (Can have BDSM/pet play dynamics)
  3. Still looking!

    Also, new paring. I want to give an Alpha/Omega RP a try. I don't have an exact plot in mind, but I'm sure we could come up with something together. :) I just really want to play something with this dynamic
  4. School for the Gifted sounds neat.
  5. Twin plot*

    YC and MC are twins that have always been rather attached to one another as young children to the point were it got (unknowingly to the the twins) inappropriate and worried the adults. It was mostly just chaste kisses and a developing co-dependency on one another, with YC having the more dominating and agressive personality, while MC is more shy and subtle, but it was enough to cause concern. It was worrisome enough that when their parents divorced, they mutually agreed to take one twin each and keep them apart, only allowing them to see one another roughly twice a year (their birthday and Christmas) hoping that the time apart would help them branch out on their own without each other.

    And it works. For a while anyway.

    Fast forward a few years and the twins end up attending the same boarding school. Running into one another, their relationship picks up right where it left off when they were young and develops further from there, with the twins swearing to keep the details that they're siblings a scret from their friends and the true nature of their relationship hidden from their parents.
  6. I'm interested in the twin plot or the demon/human plot! :)
  7. I'd love to rp with you, I love all your ideas! PM me and we can get something going :3
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