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  1. i cant code yet so sorry this thread looks so plain

    hello! i'm cosmic and i've been roleplaying for about 2-3 years. i won't bore you with a long introduction, but my main interests include kpop and somewhat anime. i usually use korean faceclaims for realistic roleplays, unless i feel it doesn't fit the setting. i enjoy roleplaying school settings but i'm adaptable.

    how often i post depends entirely on how busy i am and how i'm feeling. i'm gonna be honest with you, sometimes i'm just too lazy to roleplay or i'm feeling pretty down and can't focus enough to reply. whether it's the fact that i'm not feeling up to it or i'm busy, i do try to get replies out at least once a week. other than that i usually reply at least once a day.

    for replies, i usually type at least a paragraph. i do about two or three a lot, though. i rarely go over four to five unless i have something i really need to include that can't be explained in less than six paragraphs. i'm not a super skilled writer, but i'm not terrible either. do not expect beautiful writing but i am adequate. i do make grammar mistakes here and there but my spelling is on point 99.99% of the time. i'm not sure if this is worth mentioning but i do not roleplay in lapslock, i only do that in ooc.

    i'm willing to do all types of pairings (mxm, mxf, fxf). i do not mind playing male or female. my character's sexuality usually depends entirely on the pairing i do or the plot. i don't usually stick to a specific archetype of characters, so i can roleplay basically any type haha.

    my requirements/rules/guidelines or my partners:

    1. write replies of decent length.

    2. reply as often as possible. something that makes me really mad is when someone has gone quite a while without replying yet i see them posting constantly and looking for new partners. if you're no longer interested in a roleplay just tell me instead of not replying!

    3. have good grammar and spelling. we all make mistakes, just don't do it often please. i understand if english is not your native language.

    4. gender of my partner does not matter, nor does the gender of the character you play. age does not matter too much either.

    one last thing that isn't really a rule - don't be afraid to talk to me in ooc. i would love to make friends on here! that's about it for my requirements.

    now for plots. my plots tend to be a little cheesy honestly, so if you're not feeling any of them feel free to give your own. you can just see my obvious bias for hate to love relationships
    plots (open)

    ♥ internet friends (or enemies)
    we're the best of friends online - little do we know, we are each other's worst enemy in real life.

    ♥ detention
    character a is a model student, always on the honor roll and following the rules. character b is a delinquent who could care less about their grades or rules. character b manages to get character a involved in one of their schemes and gets them their very first detention.
    (this could go so many different ways. maybe they end up in multiple detentions together after the first one, or maybe the model student wants to stay away from them yet always somehow winds up in situations with them.)

    ♥ it's just acting
    we do not like each other at all but we're also the best actors in the school's drama department, so it's no surprise we got the lead roles. it is a surprise, however, that we have to share a passionate kiss on stage.

    ♥ secret admirer
    i'm my crush's secret admirer and i have been slipping letters into their locker for the past month with sweet things. one day i slip it into the wrong locker - the locker that happens to belong to you.

    ♥ flower shop
    you work at your parent's flower shop. i'm allergic to flowers but that doesn't stop me from getting a job there just to see you more often.

    once again, if you have any of your own don't be afraid to share them! we don't have to do these.

    if you're interested reply to this thread or shoot me a pm~​
  2. Hello, I'm interested in doing the detention plot with you.
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  3. The flower shop idea sounds really cute, I'd like to give it a try if you're up to it!
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