Cosmic Strata

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    It started simple enough. We were finally at peace. Covenant broken... insurgents put down... Ori pushed back... even the Arachnid behaved. We had allies in the Sangheili, Unggoy, and Jaffa. The Commonwealth left us to deal with our own problems. But you know that saying, 'the calm before the storm'? We learned the truth of that. When it happened we weren't ready.

    Had we known we would have prepared to strike first. As it was we barely held when the Empire struck. The damage they did... what they did to our colonies through the gate... unforgivable.

    We have reason and a cause. We're going to war again. We still need hands to crew our ships, boots to pound the Imperials. Will you join us? Will you remain a bystander? Or will you join our enemies?