Corruption of Champions, Rise of the Demons

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The Plot ────────────────────

In the midst of Rayan, south-east of Azuriko, the largest kingdom currently in the east, a strange power lingered, shimmering like a thin veil that mirrored their world. It drowned the area in magic, creating the Dark Forest, filled with mutated and twisted creatures, from this phenomenon Demons were born, coming through the veil like locusts, infecting the lands that they hunkered down in. The forest was forbidden for the good of the people, to protect them from the darkest of evils that lurked within, it was said those who ventured within were never to be seen or heard from again. The Dark Forest has grown over the years, slowly consuming the south-east corner of the land like a plague, its inhabitants slowly invading the lands, creating pockets of corruption.
On the winter solstice of the second snowfall fifty years ago, a band of five hero’s sacrificed their lives in bringing peace to the land, locking hands and creating a protective barrier to stop the spread of this dark, unknown infection from spreading. They gave their lives so that we could live on, that was until summer last year when a twisted man emerged. He was one of the greatest wizards known to all, a High Elf, hungry for power, twisted by desire and corruption, he soon murdered an entire section of a college of magic to gain the power to destroy the Dark Forest’s imprisonment, letting loose the horrors locked away. His name was Jar’rak, known to many as the Keeper of Blood, stealing the blood of innocents to fuel his growing desire for power and control.
All across Rayan, pockets of corruption have come to life again, bearing the fruits of despair as nightmares roamed our lands once more. It is now up to our current generation of adventures to band together and stop this blight from destroying their world, discovering the secrets held within ancient ruins and forming brand new relationships. Will you rise above expectations, or will you fall into despair and be consumed by darkness? Your choices will shape the world you explore.

────────────────── World History

Dragons once ruled over Rayan. Their Moniker; Messenger of gods. Some worshipped them; Altars were built, and sacrifices were made in their name. Some feared them; Prayers were uttered, and houses were fortified to keep them away. Others hated them; Weapons were enchanted, and a faction was born to slay them.

It started off as a small band, a group of like minded humans. They had sworn to cleanse Rayan of Dragons. They gained traction and rose to fame within matters of moments. Their deeds spread across the land, and ballads were written in their names. They became humanity’s saviour. Any Dragon that left its nest to find another would be swiftly dealt with. Merciless with their killings, they drove dragons to a state of near extinction.

But they were not benevolent. With fame clouding their minds, they demanded royal treatment. They pillaged villages and destroyed lands. They became entitled. They got bolder and tread on paths not meant to be walked upon —

They became practitioners of dark magic, having strayed too far from the path they first started on. And to meddle in such an art, the price to pay was high and dear.

Humanity’s greed was also a curse. The more they delved into the forbidden art, the more deranged they became. Though their journey began to protect themselves, their purpose was quickly forgotten. They turned cruel and mad, their obsession possessing them.

The consequence was dire. Their retribution came without warning. Humans, once blessed with magic, had lost their affinity to practice it. In the blink of an eye, the glory they accumulated got buried deep in the earth.

But the damage could not be undone. Darkness swept across the lands. It ruled with an iron fist. For thousands of years, every creature bowed down to its might. It was a plague more fearsome than Dragons. It encroached every crevice and left nothing untouched.

Old magic awakened. Dormant creatures, faunas and races reacted to the change, appearing across the land. It was a sudden change in Rayan, and everyone was forced to adapt.

The Elves who used to be secluded, uninterested in the outside world, emerged from deep within their dwelling. Haughty and entitled, they enslaved the humans to do their bidding while they walked the land. They lorded over them and mocked their stupidity. The shift had formed a new hierarchy and Man begrudgingly accepted their fate.

But the darkness that plagued them still needed to be dealt with. The chaos and destruction that it left in its wake could not be ignored. Unable to deal with it individually, every being of the land that had not been tainted gathered with a single objective; to banish the darkness.
It was a sight to behold; the might of the coalition army managed to drive the evil back, and contained it in one corner of the land.

The war ended in their overwhelming victory. Humans regained their freedom, albeit partly under less restrictive law. They had proven that they were willing to take responsibility for the part they played in the destruction. They left the land to occupy an island nearby to start anew. The Elves returned to their homeland, Dwarves fortified their underground cities and the earthfolk retreated to their land. Others mingled with the humans in the neutral kingdom of Azuriko or settled in little villages scattered across Rayan.

World Setting ──────────────────

Welcome to Rayan, the beautiful and whimsical land of Magic, a multicultural hub for all races to mingle as one and to explore the wonderful and intricate biomes and cities! Form a team of adventures or go it alone, for all walks of life are welcomed in Rayan, that is if you’re willing to follow the rules.

We will be hosting a number of Arcs and quests to keep things interesting for our wonderful roleplayers, you can even add your very own quests. Feel free to offer ideas and opinions so that we may make this an all-inclusive story that everyone can enjoy. Players will be allowed to choose their own path and their own ‘destiny’ whether you wish to follow the path of good, evil or inbetween, it matters not.

Whether you’re interested in Drama, Adventure, Romance etc, the story of your character is yours to mold, your decisions can, and will have minor or large effects on the land and others around you. However, we will not allow the culling of other characters or any plans to disrupt the flow of the story, e.g; Planning to destroy a City or assassinating a major figurehead.
Unless it is discussed between the party involved or with @Phaedra and @Esmeralda Blackheart if you wish to plan something drastic.

Comment down below if you are interested! Feel free to ask questions as well.

─────────────────── Recruitment

Anyone is welcomed! As long as:
- You can post at least once a week.
- You do not one line.

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