Corrupted Wish

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  1. I found this game and thought it would be interesting.


    One player makes a wish, the next player grants it in a bad way.

    Ex: I wish I could go swimming in the ocean.
    Granted, but you get stung by a jelly fish.

    So sound easy enough? Let's get started.

    I wish I could go snowboarding.
  2. Sure thing, kid.
    'Cept, you fell over a rock along the way, then tumbled down in a comical manner to the bottom, dodging a bunch of passerby snowboarders, and meeting with a tree face first.
    This sent you into a hospital, with a coma for five years. :D !! YAAAY.

    I wish to meet Johnny Depp.
  3. Granted ^^
    You meet Johnny Depp but he kills you with a knife without any reason.

    I wish I was in japan :D
  4. Granted. You get to go to Japan but when you get there the whole place loses power and zombies arise so you have to fight your way back home. ^.^

    I wish I was a famous singer.
  5. Granted
    But your fans split your body in two when they fight about who you should be with.

    I wish I could use magic :D
  6. Granted~
    you use fire ball a burn your family.

    I wish I had a corrupt wish :D
  7. *Sees note that says 'on vacation'* No no wish for you!
    To see my angel again one last time.
  8. Done, but you complete forget who they are as soon as you see them.

    I wish for a fiery hellfire to consume me! CORUPT THAT!
  9. Granted, the hellfires consume you with little smiley faces on the flames, and as they consume you, they sing nursery rhymes.

    I wish for a unicorn.
  10. Okay but it turns you into smoke and you can never move again and if someone touches you, you kill them instantly. C:
    Edit: Fail. It eats you then craps rainbows on the remands. Awww it loves you so much.
    I wish to go to Hell and visit Satan to ask him something.
  11. Granted but he kicks you into heaven.

    I was for non-corruptible wish.
  12. Okay. Nothing happens. C:
    I wish I had a true good friend.
  13. Granted. Your One true friend is controling, jealous, all consuming monster of a person who kills anyone else who dares to even talks to you because they are afraid of losing you.

    I wish for Eternal War!
  14. Granted.
    But I'm pregnant with your child.

    I wish I had more time.
  15. Granted. You are pregant for 30 months

    I wish for Chocolate Rain
  16. Granted but your acne becomes unbearable >.<

    I wish I was scuba diving.
  17. granted, but it breaks when you're so far down in the water so you drown before you can get up to the surface

    I wish I had ten cats :D
  18. Granted but the are tigers that hate humans and eat you alive.

    I wish I can have my friend back.
  19. wish granted but your friend loves you so much she suffacate you with her hugs

    I wish I had chocolate
  20. Granted but it is extremely dark, and so bitter your brain cannot cope and you die.

    I wish I could cope.