Corrupted Innocence

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  1. Corrupted Innocence

    In the world we live in today, the beliefs of Heaven and Hell are always different with everywhere you go. Some believe both exist and others believe neither do. For those who do believe, they know that the child born of an angel and a demon would break the most strict law in the world; that the two realms must avoid intimate relations with each other. They know that it would cause a war between Heaven and Hell. This law has always been followed. Until one Angel and Demon decided to break that one law of nature. The child was kept in hiding for over 200 years before the others found out. The child was saved by its parents and sent to Earth. The "God" and "Devil" of the world destroyed the Angel and Demon parents. Now, the war between the two great realms has begun and the human realm is caught in the middle. Each side is causing destruction with their battles and each is looking for the child with one thing in mind. To destroy it.
    1. Be nice, we don't want to have bad blood between us while we rp, and please no acting all high and mighty like you are better than everyone else.​
    2. No god-moding, No unbeatable character or all-powerful strength.​
    3. No killing another person's character without their okay and letting me know.​
    4. If you are going to leave for a certain period of time, please let me know or I will assume you dropped out and give your character to someone else.​
    5. All Iwaku rules apply.​

    Age: (Demons and Angels will live forever, but no outrageous age)
    Type (Angel, Demon, or Human):
    Appearance: (Use a pic or be pretty descriptive)
    Personality: (Include likes and dislikes)
    Biography: (What was their life like before this)
    Strength: (Each character will have a certain power. Like someone could control fire.)
    Weakness: (Weakness like, if someone could use fire, they would be completely useless by water)
    Gender Preference: (There will be romance, but no explicit stuff. Stuff can be implied, but no detail about it in the RP Thread whatsoever. Yaoi/Yuri is allowed. If you don't like RolePlaying with that, you will be RPing with the wrong person.)
    Why are they helping the others:

    Character Types -
    (Take one for now, if only a few people join then we can take two.)
    Hybrid: Taken by Me
    2 Demons: One taken by Eve Lilith Angelson, One taken by FishWolf
    2 Angels: One taken by Koene, One taken by Captain Scrubz
    3 Humans: One taken by SilverJae, One taken by Koene
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  2. Name: Areiz
    Age: 16
    Type: Human
    Show Spoiler
    Her eyes: [​IMG] Her hair and outfit: [​IMG] Her jacket is dark grey, her shirt is light blue, she's wearing black jeans.

    Personality: She usually keeps to herself, not very easy when it comes to trusting new people or making friends, but if you give her a chance, you'll learn she's a very optimistic person who's friends are the most important thing in the world to her. She loves to write and tell stories, but she tries to avoid going on stage. She's very imaginative and believes the world is controlled by angels and demons from Heaven and Hell. Despite all this, she will do everything in her power to make anyone and everyone around her happy. She doesn't want anyone feeling upset, sad, angry, unhappy, even if they hate her or are complete strangers.

    Biography: She was born as a single child. Her mother was a drug addict and died when she was a year old, so Areiz was raised by her father. She was bullied a lot at school because she was really good in all of her classes, making impossible grades, and this made her very independant.

    Strength: She can sense other's true intentions and emotions, almost as if they are whispered in her ear.

    Weakness: Her mood changes directly depending on the intentions and emotions of the person. If the person is mad, it makes her more protective. If the person is sad, it makes her more happy to cheer them. If the person is lying, it makes her angry. If the person is happy, it doesn't actually affect her, but she tends to leave then.

    Gender Preference: Male

    Why are they helping the others: She wants everyone around her to be happy. She hates seeing anyone in pain or upset, she wants no one to go through what she did as a child.
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  3. Yes, even humans will have a special power and a weakness to counteract that power, and yes it means what gender they want in a relationship. and when you finish, She will be accepted.
  4. Here is my Hybrid

    Name: Dante Verloc
    Age: 200 (Looks to be about 17 or 18)
    Type (Angel, Demon, or Human): Hybrid
    Appearance: He can retract his wings to make himself look more human.
    Personality: Dante is a very kind and gentle person, but is the complete opposite when he gets angry. He likes to read and stay alone. He is more comfortable being alone than with others because he has no idea how to act around them. He hates to see others get hurt because of him. He wants to do everything by himself and hates taking offers from others.
    Biography: Dante has lived all 200 years of his life in the solitary confinement of his house. The only thing he was able to do was go to the library in his house and read all day. Because of all of the readings, he has learned the theories behind almost every idea in all of the realms. The only time he ever left the house was when he was sent to the human realm by his parents when he was found. Now he just wanders the human realm trying to find a way to stop the war.
    Strength: He can use his power from the mix of Demonic and Angelic blood to heal others.
    Weakness: When he heals others, he takes the wound onto himself, so the bigger the wound he heals, the more damage done to himself.
    Gender Preference: For being alone for 200 years, he hasn't even given it the slightest thought.
  5. Can I take an Angel?
  6. Edited and fixed. How is it? =) Dante sounds awesome!
  7. [MENTION=4460]Silver[/MENTION]: Sounds good, accepted; P.S. Thanks!! :D

    [MENTION=5114]Salem[/MENTION]: Sure, feel free
  8. =D yay! You're welcome Kokierra, it wasn't a problem. Thanks for making such an interesting role play =)
  9. Well, I can't take all of the credit. Madyline helped me a lot with the details, so cudos to her. Madyline, YOU ARE MY BESTESTEST FRIEND AND I LURVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!!
  10. It's still a great role play =) Congrats to you both! *claps energetically*
  11. Thanketh thee!!!!! XD XD
  12. Name: Jacob
    Age: 25
    Species: Human
    Appearance: His appearance is undeniably masculine and ruggedly handsome, with his short brown hair and stubble. He is a man of slightly below average height but is quite burly. Most of his body is covered in burn scars, mainly his torso and legs.
    Personality: A very calm and level headed young man to those observing him. Most would describe him as a nice guy. But he suffers from self-esteem issues due to his scars and ability. He is employed as a Fire Office, often volunteering from extremely dangerous assignments, such as working near chemical plants or airports. He operates on a strong moral and ethical code.
    Strength: Besides his impressive physical fitness, he has the limited ability to control small fires with his mind. Hence, his job, often using it to save lives and property. He can cause combustion but he strongly prefers not to.
    Weakness: His pyrokenesis comes with several large and costly effects. His mind conjures flames as he experiences strong emotions, ranging from loneliness, ecstasy, lust, anger, depression, which has led to his body being covered in many burn scars. The act of controlling flames usually gives him migraines and other dramatic physical effects, like seizures, nosebleeds or even lacerations and burns forming but this depends on the size of the blaze he attempts to extinguish.
    Gender preference: Any/all but because of his condition, he strongly avoids this.
    Why is he helping the others: He wants to save as many lives as possible.
  13. Accepted, I really like what you did with his power. Really thought out, good job.
  14. I call a gay angel! :D
    Just gimme a little while to draft 'er up!

    (Also, kudos for adding a 'gender preference'. This should be standard on all forms.)
  15. Okay, take your time. We like well thought out characters, not minute-made crapy things. And thank you, I like adding in the romance thing. Me and Mady always did that in our one-on-ones, so I thought I should bring that here with me!! :D :D

  16. Name: Maleika Parisa
    Age: 186. In immortal terms, she’s almost 17.
    Type: Angel
    Personality: Soft and sweet, she can’t find it within herself to ever intentionally harm another living being, even in self-defense. She absolutely adores fireflies and the little glow-in-the-dark stars children stick to their ceilings, but doesn’t like destructive forces like fire or metal. She can be a bit preachy at times and often finds herself exhausted by all the malevolence she feels is her duty to cleanse.
    Biography: Born to two pure-blood angels and raised as a loving daughter, she excelled in her holy classes to become a true force of love and all things decent. Now, she has decided to take a pilgrimage to Earth and fulfill the sacred vow she took at graduation to guide the unholy to the path of Exuberance.
    Strength: She can create glowing balls of light of varying sizes and intensities, but only when conscious. Her wings are ethereal in nature and come in and out of phase at will.
    Weakness: She is terrified of the dark. Not just a little frightened, mind you – she absolutely freaks out.
    Gender Preference: Maleika intends to stay pure of heart, mind, and body, but doesn’t find the male form to be quite as… appealing as her fellow Vestals do.
    Why she is helping the others: She feels it is wrong to cause pain and suffering for any reason, let alone because of love. Even if it is forbidden by her people, the light shall prevail.

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  17. Looks good, accepted.
  18. Kokiee! I'm here. ^_^ I'll get to work on my demon.
  19. Name: Danni
    Age: (Demons and Angels will live forever, but no outrageous age) 180 (sixteen)
    Type (Angel, Demon, or Human): Demon
    Appearance: (Use a pic or be pretty descriptive) <img src = "]"/>
    Personality: (Include likes and dislikes) she's manipulative and cold; but very good at pretending that she has emotion and feeling. She likes to pretend she's a human and get close to them.
    Biography: (What was their life like before this) She grew up where most demons did. Hell. She was raised by her mother, who taught her from a young age to use her power for her own personal gain. When she turned 175 (fifteen) she was sent to the human realm to fend for herself.
    Strength: (Each character will have a certain power. Like someone could control fire.) If she sings to someone of either gender and puts their name in the song, they become infatuated with her. Kind of like a love spell, but with a darker ending. She usually ends up killing them in the end. For the fun, of course.
    Weakness: (Weakness like, if someone could use fire, they would be completely useless by water) She is extremely veunerable to iron. Being around small amounts of it wears on her mind, like the drone of a fly. Being around a lot of it makes her physically ill; and being touched by raw iron burns her skin.
    Gender Preference: (There will be romance, but no explicit stuff. Stuff can be implied, but no detail about it in the RP Thread whatsoever. Yaoi/Yuri is allowed. If you don't like RolePlaying with that, you will be RPing with the wrong person.) She doesn't care.
    Why are they helping the others: For the pure sport of it. It entertains her to watch the human race struggle for survival in the middle of this war, but if the hybrid dies so does her fun.
  20. I likeses her. She's accepted. We only need two more people, but if we can't get them I'll allow some people to have another.
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