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    Dante was currently stumbling down the cobblestone pathway. He had just narrowly escaped one of the squads from Hell. The town was attacked just as he was healing someone that was hurt in a previous attack from one of the realms. Blood was seeping down his clothes as he tried to hurry himself out of the town, not wanting this town to get attacked also. The pain was getting to him. His vision began to blur as he walked. 'Just make it out of this town.' He thought. 'I have to.' He was walking by a random house when he felt a sharp stab of pain. He dropped to the ground and waited. 'Dammit, I shouldn't have taken so much on myself.' he thought. 'But there was nothing I could do, so many were hurt because of me.' He rested his head back on the wall and was soon unconsious.
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  2. “Oh, my dear, we are so proud of you!”
    Maleika blushed attractively as her mother gushed. “It is so noble what you’re doing! When I was your age, I never—“
    A loud rumble beneath their feet interrupted them, as if a thousand trains ran below. The woman finished her thought with a hug, sniffing back tears. The girl’s father clapped his hand on her shoulder, beaming from ear to ear.
    “Maleika… We are so proud.”
    The family stood at the edge of a field of white mist, each with a pair of large silvery wings extending from their shoulder blades. Up above, a few children could be seen swirling around, laughing and waving at them. Over the edge, all that could be seen was a dark grey maelstrom.

    “Now, remember what we taught you. And remember your lessons. And as soon as you get there, go straight to—“
    “Mother, I’ll be fine!”

    Another reverberation muted them. The time had come. Kissing her parents farewell, she extracted herself from them and stood alone at the precipice. Breathe in…
    She folded her wings around herself, forming a tight cocoon. Breathe out…
    The diminutive girl began to lean over the side, coming to face the storm head-on. Breathe in…
    “Maleika, we love you!”
    Finally she was over the rim. She seemed to float for a moment, weightless in the mist, but only a moment. She began to fall, faster and faster, until she plunged into the darkness. It was utter chaos within – electricity jumping freely from indeterminate point to indeterminate point. Maleika began to spin out of control, helpless within her shell. But through the darkness came the light…

    Below was an unremarkable town, unknowing of its fate, and she was rocketing toward it at the speed of sound. A bright flash of light traced the path of her journey through the rain, followed by an ear shattering boom. The poor girl became stunned as she hit a bit off her mark, right in the middle of an empty field, miles away. Her wings evaporated from around her as she lay prone in the freshly-tilled ground, unaware of the twist fate had cast her way.

    “Matthew, would you turn that damn thing off?”
    “Shut up.”
    In the next room, a man and his girlfriend were sprawled on the bed. The girl slept on his chest peacefully, but the ruckus coming from the living room seemed to disturb her lover.
    “I said, turn it off! For fuck’s sake…”
    Laying on the couch, a young man – handsome enough – flippantly reached over and turned the volume down on the television set. He glowered for a moment, but was quickly distracted by an advertisement for the bakery down the way.
    “Hey, you want a donut?”
    The man groaned loudly, covering his face with a pillow. “No.”
    “Coffee? Bagel?”
    Matthew cringed at his vehemence.
    “What about Julie?”
    A shoe flew out of the bedroom and bounced off the bulky TV set. Finally taking a hint, he flipped the set off and put on his jacket. “Touchy…” The old, plaid couch squeaked in protest as he went searching for his wallet.
  3. Dante had forced himself awake. He had no idea how long he was unconsious, but it was raining now and he was pretty wet. The rain mixed with his blood as he stood and began making his way down the street again. He stumbled and tripped constantly, always needing to find something to keep himself up. 'Just get out of here without being noticed.' He thought to himself. 'Just get out of the town and out in the middle of nowhere.' He kept trying to move quicker and it caused a lot more pain, but he ignored it. If it took all of the pain in the world on himself to keep any innocents from being hurt, he would take the pain with his head high and keep pushing through it. 'So many hurt. All my fault.' He thought. His vision still blurry, he couldn't tell if there was anyone walking on the street or if it was only him. He hoped no one else was walking. He had to get out of here as quickly as possible. 'I hope I can make it out safely.' He thought.
  4. Danni watched with a small smile on her china-doll face. From the top of this building, the view was quite magnificent. Burning and flashes of light all mixed together with the terrified and tormented screams of the bewildered humans. They didn't understand what was happening of course. The war had only just begun. For now at least, it was chaotic and quite amusing to watch. She was perched on the pointed roof of the chapel there, looking as innocent as the children that screamed below. She giggled, then glanced to the side. There; was that the hybrid everyone was fighting over? He looked nearly done in already. That wouldn't do at all. She was having far too much fun now as she watched humanity suffer. She stood and made her way down off of the building. She'd have to fix that.
  5. Dante tried to hurry again. His wounds were healing, pretty slowly because of all that he took, because of the mixture of his different bloods. He limped/trudged to a secluded alleyway that you wouldn't really notice unless you were looking specifically for it. He went down to the end of it and hid himself in the corner. 'Only until I can walk again.' He thought as he rested his head and closed his eyes. He wasn't sleeping, he just needed to calm down.
  6. Areiz hid in a half-burned house, watching the various people run around, looking for shelter. She pulled her hood over her head and looked out again, sighing. She could feel too many things, it was tiring her. She notice someone walk by. They seemed hurt, they were stumbling along, she felt a surge of sympathy and held it down. She hated wanting to comfort everyone. She saw him stumble into an alley, but she'd turned her back on the window before she could react. She leaned against the boards, forgetting they were half rotted she fell through, now she stared at the sky. Great..I've got to fix that.. "Let's find some wood.." she mumbled aloud.
  7. Jacob was half-asleep when the station alarm went off. It was a red bell and ringer mounted high on the wall of the appliance garage, you could hear it several streets away. So Jacob, sat down with his knees to his chest and his arms curled round his legs had no chance of sleeping through the head splitting ringing of the call bell. In an instant he was on his feet and running for his locker, same as the rest of his watch, some quickly gulped down coffee, others threw down their playing cards in annoyance and urgency, others lowered weights and quit exercises, but all rushed for their equipment stored in their lockers.

    Twenty seconds it took for his to don his flash clothing, fire proof clothing and breathing apparatus. The watch manager was now explaining the nature of the fires... fires... more than one? Unknown cause, commercial properties... residential... right downtown where most of the men and women on watch had friends or even family. They scrambled to the fire engine, latching on to bars and getting into seats, they were away. Sirens blaring into the light, deafening the night and blue lights rotating, cutting into the night.
  8. Maleika awoke half-buried in mud. Still stunned, she tried to pick herself up, but only managed to make a few squooshing noises and slide around a little in the rain. Her flowing white gown was ruined – she’d have to find a proper replacement – and she had a clod of dirt wedged in her eye. For an instant, she considered using her wings to get out of her predicament, but that was a big no-no down here.
    More lightning struck in the distance – it comforted her to know there were other angels in the area. That bit of security gave her the boost to rise out of the mud and begin trudging barefoot towards the settlement. Her first priority was to find a church and check in, and then see if the nuns had anything charitable to give her; occasionally, a boon was bestowed from up above, as well.

    As she slogged through the sludge, a Holy Locution willowed through her mind and kept her going.
    Though Wind blows fierce and loud, there it brings Seed in its arms.
    Misfortune can bring the means of Growth.


    Matthew pulled his jacket around himself, shivering slightly in the rain. “Why now? Why couldn’t you do this when Rick took me fishing? Why?” He hopped down his doorsteps, humming a little ditty he’d come up with earlier, and started off down the street. He noticed a man across the way leaning against the alley wall, but figured it was one of his neighbor’s drunken relatives; he considered yelling something at him, but couldn’t come up with anything witty by the time he’d passed by. The smallest trace of smoke was in the air, but Matthew's attention was on the almost frightening thunder. Cheerfully trying to chase away the willies, he stuck his hands in his pockets and began to sing.

    “I’m off to the bakery, Hi-Ho! There’s a lot of rain, I know! But wind or snow, meteor or explo--...sion, it’s off to the bakery I go!”
  9. Dante began to stand again after he felt like he could move without killing himself. He trudged out of the alley and began walking down the road again. He noticed that there was someone ahead of him. 'Dammit, dammit, no.' He thought. 'Just stay quiet and he won't notice.' He thought as he kept walking. The rain began freezing him to the bone. He began shiverring harshly and hugged his arms around himself to try to give some form of warmth to his body. The rain gave him an even paler look. Making it look like he was a walking corpse. 'The town exit can't be to far no-' His thoughts were interupted as a massive shudder ran through his body, making him colapse to the ground. He thought that was it but began coughing and hacking. Blood came out with each cough and it ran down his chin. He couldn't stop coughing.
  10. Just picking up several scraps from down the road, she started back towards her building, then noticed someone. They were coughing and bleeding and in the middle of the rain. Poor guy... She gripped the wood tightly to keep herself on track and went over to board the window back up. Areiz winced as another wave of sympathy rammed into her head. I have to fix this window.... She kept repeating, wanting to help but knowing she couldn't. She was no medical expert, and she was pretty sure if someone coughed up blood they were internally hurt, but after a moment she walked over slowly, kneeling beside him. "Are you okay?" She asked quietly, knowing it was stupid to ask, but knowing if he didn't want her there he'd say he was okay.
  11. Danni stopped as she saw someone else approach the hybrid. Silly girl. She thought. Why ask questions you know the answer to? She glanced around at the residential buildings. Not much iron here, she would be okay for a while. Now though, she had to find a way to get close to the hybrid. The human seemed to be someone who was very sympathetic. Maybe it was time to play up the 'innocently defenseless girl' look once more? She tore at her hair a little bit to mess it and smeared some of the dirt and soot that lay on the ground into her dress and hair. She was still for only a moment longer, then darted towards the girl. She put a well rehearsed look of terror on her face as she ran closer. "We have to get out of here!" She cried as she tugged on the girl's arm. "Come on!" She glanced down at the hybrid; then in an attempt to 'help' tried to tug him up. "Come on! We're not safe here!"
  12. Dante kept coughing and stood himself up, knocking himself away from the two of them. "I-I'm fine." He said simply as he began quickly limping/trudging off. He never spoke to very many people because of his voice. It sounded odd. A mixture of Angelic and Demonic blood made his voice sound like they were bells chiming, like all angels yet, his voice was also deeper like the demons. Some found his voice amazing, others thought it was weird, and he was one of them that thought it was weird.

    Dante saw himself getting closer to the man that was walking in front of him. 'Just move by quick enough and maybe he won't notice.' He thought as he kept moving. Even more blood had run down his clothes now, making them stick and the rain wasn't helping him at all.
  13. Areiz glanced at the girl. Something isn't right.. She felt Dante push her away and she stepped back, letting him go before turning back to the girl, holding back the rush of adrenaline that ran through her. "Why is it dangerous?" She asked in a calm tone, giving a sincere face, even though a loud voice in the back of her head was telling her otherwise.
  14. “Hey there, beautiful. Need a ride?”

    The field hadn’t been quite as big as she’d expected. Having reached the road, still miles from civilization, a tall man on horseback seemed to have taken an interest in her plight. The dark brown stallion beneath him whinnied impatiently, wanting to get out of the storm.

    “Where is the nearest place of worship?”

    The man leered down at her rain-soaked form, quite visible now through her thin dress. “Anywhere you want, honey.”

    Maleika frowned, albeit quite adorably. It ruined the aura of displeasure a bit. “Then take me to the village and I shall absolve you of sin.”

    The man let down a hand and helped her on, grasping her firmly around the waist. “Sure thing, sugar.” He didn’t seem to realize she wasn’t speaking in innuendos. The girl petted the horse’s velvety ears as the man whistled a merry tune on the way back to town.


    The commotion behind him caught his attention. As he turned, he nearly collided with the young man he’d seen earlier. He almost didn’t notice the blood, but when he did…

    “Oh, my god! Man, what happened?” Matthew grasped him around the shoulders, turning the man to face him. “You’ve got to see a doctor! Jesus Christ…”

    Leaning over, he carefully shifted the bloody shirt to see his wounds - offhandedly noticing his toned abdomen – and gasped at the carnage beneath. He looked into his eyes, actually serious for once. “Listen. You aren’t going anywhere.”

    The smoke in the air was becoming noticeable and orange tinted the sky, but he didn’t care right now. “Okay, I live just over there. I’ve got some first aid stuff under the sink; we’ll get you taken care of, then I’ll get a doctor, alright? Come on.” Not even letting him get a word in edgewise, he put an arm around his midriff and began half-dragging him down the road towards the girls.
  15. "N-No, st-stop." Dante gasped out. "I ha-have to leave." He said, pushing against the one dragging him in a futile attempt to get away. He was feeling unconciousness taking over again. He fought against Matthew as he was being dragged and fighting the darkness trying to drag him back to the world of dreams. He began coughing again, only this time it was worse. He kept coughing and hacking, blood coming out of his mouth with each cough. He was now sagging against Matthew, he had only a very slight amout of strength left. He began weezing and breathing shallowly. He gasped and panted for breath. He was in so much pain that his vision got even foggier.
  16. Clip-clip, clip-clop… The rhythm was putting her into a trance.
    Maleika started as the horse sneezed.

    “How much longer, sir?”
    “Oh, too long, for sure.”

    She shifted uncomfortably in the saddle, repulsed by his impiety.


    Matthew nearly crumpled with him. “Ooph! Lay off the cornflakes.” He staggered a few steps, muttering obscenities under his breath, but had to stop and rest. He considered throwing the man over his shoulder, but knew he wasn’t built for it.
    “Hey, ladies, d’you think you could lend a hand?”
  17. "S-sorry." Dante whispered as he began pushing back against Matthew. He actually managed to wriggle out of his grasp. Dante then turned and resumed his walking away. He really couldn't stay, and he didn't want help. He didn't need help....... or so he thinks. He was, again stumbling down the cobblestone pathway, trying to leave the town.
  18. Danni sidestepped the girls question, and quickly jumped on the other mans offer. If he was going to take the hybrid somewhere, she wanted to be there for sure. She had to keep an eye on him. And on the girl as well. Somehow, she seemed to be able to tell there was something off about Danni. She pushed her thin shoulder underneath the hybrid's arm and helped hold him up. She was surprisingly strong for her tiny, china-doll like frame.
  19. Dante groaned and pushed himself away from Danni. "I'm fine." He said and began walking away again. He knew he wouldn't make it very far with all the blood he has lost and how cold he is, but it looked like dying was the only thing he could do and dying would stop the war so....... He just had to make it out of town. He didn't want to die in the middle of one.
  20. Danni shrugged. "Well then, if you're fine I'll just follow you." She told him. "I've nowhere else to one else to stay with. I don't want to be alone.." She glanced at him to see if her guilt trip of sorts was working. (Goodnight!)
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