Corrupted Hearts: The First Poison

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Who are you playing as?

  1. Human

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  2. Corrupted One

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  3. Both

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  1. 1838, it is has been a year since Queen Victoria has been crowned. Meanwhile, in America, an ancient evil has been awakened, only known as "The Corrupted Ones". The Corrupted Ones often trick humans into giving up their souls , leaving their great Overlord to possess them. But, a group of strangers will destroy the evil that's within America.

    • This is actually going to be a trilogy, so expect a cliffhanger near the end.
    • Make your characters at least 13 or older
    • This has both Anime and Realistic Physics
    • This also has religious themes, so no sissy fits just because someone has different beliefs.
    • All general rules apply
    • You can play as a human or a corrupted one.
    • Have fun!
    Example CS
    Anne Lansbury

    Age: 27

    Personality: Confident, Curious, and Hardworking

    History: She was born and raised for most of her life on the family farm. She lost her father to the War of 1812. Her family moved to a house farther away from their farm to distance themselves from her father. As she got older, she had to make most of the house into apartments.

    Weapon(s): Her father's hunting rifle.
  2. Is there magic?
  3. This sounds interesting. Gonna need time for a CS.
  4. This seems quite intriguing.. Do you have a specific kind of CS skeleton you'd like used or can we just use whatever one we wish?
  5. Well, I would like to have the Character's Name, Age, Appearance (Photo or Description), Personalty, History, Occupation, Weapon and any special abilities.
  6. What exactly is a corrupted one? Demon? Warlock? Supernatural Creature?
  7. Well, I am planning from them to be demons in human form.
  8. Hmmm Interesting...
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