Corrupted Bloodline

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  1. Gali the angel was walking down the road, angered and about to kill someone. Not only had she been hunting this person for the past three days, she had caught up to him and he had escaped. She tried to tell him she was carrying a message. But just like all men, he just turned and ran from her. It didn't make sense, as Gali kept her wings on. She hated being ran from, for she was just trying to help. Combined with the fact she was getting groped form every men near her, she was ready to snap some heads.

    Gali rounded a corner in the dark alleys of New York. She hated these towns; the mortals suck at understand beauty. Beauty was found in a gentle wave- ironic because she had an anger issue sometimes -and water was pure, not electricity. Fire and Ice were even more potent in creating beauty, not even that. Sometimes she pittied these people, for they were dull and stupid.

    Finally, the angel saw her prey. She turned and followed the angel whose name she did not even know.
  2. Tahu walked quickly through the busy streets and bustling crowds of New York, looking for somewhere to go. His back was enduring a piercing pain from having his wings retracted for so long. He wanted to just set his wings ablaze and outstretch them, but he knew that couldn't happen. The last thing he needed was for the mortals to cause a scene and try to poke and prod him in the middle of the Square.

    Running a hand through his deep black hair, he sharpened his gaze forward and picked up the pace a bit. A deep feeling swept over him, telling him that he was being followed. He didn't dare look behind him, if there was one thing he knew, it's that making contact with someone who's following you will screw you over and make things worse. "Damn..." he mumbled to himself, "who could be tailing me this time..?"
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    Gali finally manged to catch up to the man. The moment she saw him, her word came crashing down. It was Tahu, the fire angel. The one angel that she loved and couldn't stop thinking of, even thought they were of opposite elements. The stupid wheel of fate had managed to screw her again.

    Whipping her blonde hair away, it showed her small face, slightly larger lips, and deep blue eyes. Her thin frame had curves, and she wore a little tight suit. She moved closer, then she paused, "Tahu, I have an urgent message from the council."
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    His gaze still pressed forward, he stood, knowing his pursuer had managed to get him. It was only when the voice spoke to him, that he knew who it was. Turning around, he saw that it was only Gali, one of the few other angels who hadn't cast him out for his lineage. The dead and serious look in his burning red eyes let up to a less cold expression. Though he wasn't one to care for things of this nature, he couldn't help but be off put by how cute Gali had looked in her outfit, having her wings out in the open, though he thought it was reckless, only added to the beauty.

    "How urgent?" He asked, knowing that was a bit of a stupid question to ask. The councilmen aren't really the types to send courtesy calls, when they had a message, they had a message, end of story. He stood silent, ready to hear whatever the message was, though he really didn't want to deal with the council.
  5. "The kind of story that would be deadly if you were to ignore it," Gali spoke. She let her wings turn their azure blue, adding to her extreme beauty that would overwhelm a mortal, "your brother is back, and killing off us one by one. We need you back, but you went running to the mortals."

    Gali walked closer. On her side was a short sword ready for action. She looked at him quickly. She wanted him to come, but she had ordered to take him if he refused, "Come on, you're needed."
  6. All she needed to say was "Your brother" before Tahu threw off his jacket in rage and urgency. His wings were a deep black, slowly shifting into a deep red as he set them ablaze. Looking over to Gali, he said "Shall we go?" He knew that Kaosu would return, but he didn't expect it to be now. Tahu had just been growing accustomed to mortal life.

    As the two began to draw near their home in the skies, He couldn't help but feel an impending wave of doom. Immediately, he looked over to his fellow angel, "Before I do anything, I'm checking on my parents." The sentence left his mouth sternly, as he wasn't prepared to take "No" for an answer. His parents were the only reason he even tolerated the angels, especially considering how much they ridicule him.
  7. Gali looked at him. While she had heard the rumors about what he had done- or rather what others did and he got blamed for -and she didn't know what to think. But there was no reason to punish someone for the past. She looked at him and gave a soft smile, "Go, they need you. Meet us at the palace in an hour."

    Gali flew around and hit the floor to the palace. She got her clearance and waited for his arrival. She thought he was cute with those wings, that body...sometimes angel emotions were more potent than mens.
  8. Stumbling upon his childhood home, Tahu burst through the door in great panic. "Mother! Father!?" he shouted fearfully into the suddenly chaotic air. "Tahu!" He heard a shout. The voice was soft, yet clear and beckoning, he knew instantly it was his mother. Rummaging into the back of the house, he found his father, brutally injured with his mother knelt beside him.

    "He got to your father..." she whispered as he noticed the swelling wound on his father's head, pouring blood. "Damn it..." Tahu looked to the ground, trying to fight back his tears. "DAMN IT!" he knelt beside his mother. Looking to her, with his tears nearly blinding him, he place a hand on her shoulder and asked, "You're unharmed..?"
    "Yes, your father rushed me into hiding..."
    "I'm so sorry that I--"
    "It isn't your fault... I though he was gone for good. None of us knew that demon would return... Go see the council... they need you."
    "Will you be alright here?"
    "I have to be, don't I?" She gave a soft smile with her remark.

    Giving his dear mother one last hug, he flew off, heading straight for the palace.
  9. Gali saw him arrive and blushed, unable to control that. The emotions of an angelic creature were tenfold of that of a human. She hoped she didn't make it too obvious that she was getting a little aroused. She let her wings spread out and turn the tips red, a sign of arousal. She ignored it and turned them blue again. She had to control them better.

    "We need to get going. Now." She hissed. The council was impatient, and making them mad was suicide. Banishment was an internal death, and that was as good as killing youself.
  10. Tahu's gaze didn't leave the ground as he felt absolute sadness and fury at the same time. Looking to her, he rushed angrily and said, "Yeah. We do. NOW." He was determined to punish his demonic brother for killing his father.

    His wings had turned a deeper black than their normal shade. It was as if they were their own black hole, and would steal your sight if you looked at them. "Tell me what I need to do." He spoke urgently to the already agitated council.
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    Garan, the leader of the council, stood up, "You do not dare speak to us like that. Stay you anger longer enough to speak." to his side, his heir, Velika, shifted nervously. Kazi and Dalu were sitting side by side, both looking surprised. Agli bowed to them and Nokama looked at her, "I see you found him."

    Gali bowed, "Yes." She hated this. The council was going to drive him nuts just talking him to death.
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    Tahu was losing what little patience he had. "Deepest apologies. However... my father was killed. So I'm in need of your orders and I'll go after Kaosu.." He spoke both truthfully and prepared to rush out and go off.

    His wings began trembling, his rage had built up so much at this point. Instinctively, he held onto Gali to stay calm. Slowly, they returned to their regular shade of black.
  13. Garan smiled, "good, you have learned to control yourself."
    Kazi spoke up, "I vote we let him go."
    Nokama protested, "what about last time?"
    Piruk just stared into space along with Dalu.
    Velika didn't speak until the fight, "Gali and Tahu are right here! Send them off together!" Then Angel hissed.
    "Go you two." Garan dismissed.
  14. He nodded, turning away and letting the doors shut behind him. Looking at Gali, Tahu let go of her. "I'm sorry." He said to her, referring to grabbing her during the short conference, "I... just.. we need to find him..."

    Tahu's wings once again began to tremble, turning gray. "We're should we look first?" He asked, shifting his gaze to the ground again.
  15. Gali felt sorry for him. He not only had his family attacked, he was basically being told to leave. Gali couldn't help but gently pet his wings. She let her fingers run down the darkened tips.

    "First off, calm down." She ordered in a silken, sexy voice. She kept petting his wing, "just calm down."
  16. Tahu himself shivered slightly when Gali began petting his wings. He sighed deeply, allowing himself to calm down and let the anger escape him. Part of him didn't want to leave, not with his home in the state it was in. The hot-blooded angel couldn't handle the thought of his mother being alone in that house. But he truly had no choice.

    "Okay..." he whispered, "where are we heading..?" His red eyes moved to look at Gali, as he took her by the hand that was petting his wing.
  17. Gali held onto his wing, "first, control your temper." Gali pet his wing, "can't have you going to freak out."

    "Were is your brother?" Gali asked.
  18. "I don't know, I never caught sight of him..." Tahu told her. Though at the same time, he really didn't pay much mind to where he could be. "I could only assume that he left for now... since he succeeded in killing one of us." He reached for Gali's hand again, giving her a small smile.
  19. Gali took his hand gently, "I know. Calm down. You won't Do any good all uptight." She used the other hand to pet his wing, "so...where?"
  20. "Maybe to Earth," he said. "He might try his hand at killing me." It seemed like the most sensible thing, seeing as Kaosu hated Tahu more than had the other angels.
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