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  1. I'm assuming you all know this game already. For those that do not, however, I'll explain the rules in a simple example.

    First, person A makes a wish. Let's say: "I wish for a ton of money"
    The next player, Person B ruins said wish. For example, "Granted. A barrel of Zimbabwan Dollars appears right above your head, weighing exactly one ton."
    Person B then makes a wish of his own, which the next player gets to ruin, etc. etc..

    With that out of the way, let's get this thing started!

    I wish for a pizza
  2. Granted. Your eye ball pizza is here.

    I wish for cyborg arms.
  3. Granted. There's just one thing though; the cyborg whose arms you now own doesn't like the fact that you took them. He would like to have them back. Also, he has eye lasers, and a small nuke in his chest.

    I wish for eye lasers.
  4. Granted; hold still while I stick these light sabers through your retinas.

    I wish for sanity. ​
  5. Granted, I took the sanity of Adolf Hitler, Now your the reason of WW2, Asshole.

    I wish for 100 super hot models that cook, clean and have no boyfriends.
  6. Super hot models that cook, clean and have no boyfriends, you say? Okay, granted, here are 100 kitchen robot prototypes, all of which are on fire.

    I wish for a fish.
  7. [​IMG] Granted.

    I wish for a martini.
  8. Granted, The hooker they call Martini, She was very liked in the 60's.

    I wish for super strength .
  9. Granted. Now, whenever you move, your super powerful muscles break every bone in your body.

    I wish to sleep in in the mornings.
  10. Granted; you are now the parent of an angry toddler who refuses to sleep at night.

    I wish to sit in front of a campfire
  11. Granted, but when you rise to walk away from your seat you'll stumble and fall into the fire which results in 90% of your body having 3rd degree burn injuries.

    I wish I had ice cream
  12. Granted. When you are working with metal/wood, a chip breaks off and strikes you in the eye. ...What? Oh, you said 'ice cream'! I though you said 'eye scream'... Sorry about that. Seriously though, you should take some articulation lessons.

    I wish for a kitten.
  13. Granted. You are now the proud owner of a Bengal tiger kitten. And you're now caught between its mother and some government officials wondering why you're in possession of an endangered species.

    I wish for world peace.
  14. Granted, now no one have a will of their own and nobody is ever disagreeing with one another because they are now vegetables.

    I wish to be entertained.
  15. Granted. You are now a leader in ancient Rome, entertained by the slaves getting mauled by lions. Then said slaves riot and kill you.

    I wish for the ability to fly, including the required secondary ability to land safely whenever I want.
  16. Granted. You can now fly and land safely wherever you want, but you are shot and killed by a poacher mistaking you for a goose. Your body does land on the ground safely though.

    I wish for it to be Friday.
  17. Granted.
    However it is now last Friday and you have to start the week over.

    I wish for a good book to read.
  18. Granted; however it is in a language you have not learned.

    I wish for a bigger paycheque
  19. Granted. Your paycheck is now the size of a large sedan, but the money to make the check came out of your paycheck.

    I wish for a glass of Mountain Dew Code Red.
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  20. Granted. You get a sealed glass container filled with Mountain Dew Code Red; interestingly enough, it looks very much like one of those lava lamps, minus the blobs.

    I wish for more wishes.
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