Corrupt A Wish

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  1. The aim of this thread is to corrupt the wish of the poster above you. Eg:

    "I wish I had thread to finish mending this shirt"

    "So be it. I made you a thread on Iwaku."


    "I wish I had a unicorn"

    "You get unicorns with mad horse-thing disease"​

    After corrupting a wish you get to make a wish
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  2. I'll start!

    I wish I had an Impala (the car not the animal)
  3. Very well here is an Impala

    I wish to be a superhero!
  4. Very well, you are a superhero.


    I wish to go to Japan!
  5. Very well here you are, sanfransokyo (not sure if i spelled it correctly.

  6. You had one job, and no wish. Sigh. Not to worry! I'll wish for you.

    "I wish there was world peace."

    "Everyone is dead now except you. The world is now peaceful."


    I wish I could fly.
  7. Granted. You are now the suitcase of a pilot.

    I wish for the ability to grow larger whenever I eat a mushroom.
  8. Very Well


    I wish for more wishes.
  9. granted. the wishes eat you.

    i wish to jump 20 feet up.
  10. You jump into the air and somebody mistakes you for a birde.

    I wish it was pie day.
  11. Very well, it is now *pi* day. You are doomed to say the number pi until the END OF TIME.

    I wish I was a sorceress.
  12. Granted. Your powers backfire.

    I wish....................

    .............for RACKS RACKS RACKS RACKS
  13. You get all the racks but they're clothes racks and not the woman racks we all know you want ;P

    I wish I didn't need to do French homework :(

    Anyway granted, but now you need to do German homework. Fuck you, ElBell and non-RACKSing me. :PPPPP

    I wish these clothes racks were RACKS. I will accept Starcraft RAX.
  15. Now you get the racks for real, but these are man boobs caused by medication side effects. Same tissues though, so does it really matter? >: )

    I wish I could eat more raw cookie dough without my family hating me violently for robbing them of actual baked cookies >_>'
  16. granted. you have discovered the power of making cookie dough self replicate by budding. however, now they become sentient creatures that invade Earth. way to go, @ElBell !

    i wish ElBell would stop causing Earth-shattering problems. XD
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  17. Granted, but now they're all universe shattering problems because she can't and won't stop <3

    I wish I really could stop goofing around with @Razilin and do my damn homework o_o
  18. Granted. But Razilin gets to help with your homework in whatever distracting way deemed fit.

    I wish my room wasn't a box.
  19. Granted. Now your room is a shoe box.

    I wish i could stop watching netflix!
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  20. Granted. You get in a bad car accident; the impact is so bad that it severs your optic nerves, permanently rendering you blind.

    I wish for nothing.
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