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    200 years have passed since the Church finished it's mission. It came in seven stages. Looking back on it, I guess the Christians were right all along. The first we knew of it was the war. The rebels and the Dominion. The rebels finally gained a foothold in the world. Fralax first, then they attacked Renelza, then on to Alxon. But Alxon was the final battleground. A billion people died that day, and to what extent? In the end, no one won. But of course, that was the second incidence. We never realised at the time, but the first was the Conquest, when the dominion took over the world.
    Next was the crash of civilisation. Market prices rocketed, it became too expensive for a lot to even survive. Disease ridden bodies littered the streets, rats re-evolved and became demonic monstrosities... This didn't last too long though, before the plague of death washed over the world. It took the children first, wiping out our next of kin. The women were close behind. Only the people in the most remote villages survived that. The men killed each other before the plague even affected them.

    Now, this is when things got interesting. First, the Church of the Manatech. All but the Tribunal, the highest three representatives, committed mass suicide upon the great altar in Alxon Cathedral. Non-church religions were close to follow, but no sacrifice was more impressive than the church's.

    Just a few days after the sacrifice, the event known as "Cataclysm" happened. Great earthquakes shook the land, supervolcanoes all erupted simultaneously, the moon itself turned a deep crimson red. Even the sun hid from this, becoming as black as the surrounding night.

    The last event? Well, that's a secret. Let's just say that should you ever come to understand it, this nightmare would finally be put into perspective.

    With that, Jeremy stopped writing, and put down his pen. It rolled off the table and snapped as it hit the floor. He flinched as the cold breeze passed over and through his bones. He was used to it by now though. The locals called it "Shroud". It meant that someone was going to die. He was one of just 2 million people still on Earth, yet, with no contact with the outside world, he may well have been one of 14. He stood up and sighed. The remaining foot or so of concrete wall did nothing to aid his happiness, but it did mean that at least his feet were sheltered. He stumbled over to the old pine dresser in the corner. It looked sad, lonely. A relic from a forgotten world. Lying on it was a single, crisp, white envelope. He folded the paper in his fragile hands, and slipped it inside, sealing the message with an elaborate pin. On the front, in fine, spidery writing, he wrote "To whomever it may concern". Then, with the last ounces of his strength, he put it in a small alcove in the cliff face. He collapsed against it, welcoming the icy yet gentle grip of death.
  2. Allfain stared at the small town from the tree line of the nearby woods. He was on a hill, the descent to the little village a steep and quick one. He wondered silently what supplies he could get there. Where was he, anyway? Somewhere with lakes, the town bordered one. He would have to have someone down there point it out on one of the remaining maps. He took a swig of water from his flask and began his darting descent, steel dagger in hand. Hopefully they wouldn't try to kill him. If they did, Athena guide his blade in battle, Hermes guide his feet in flight, and Hades guide his soul in death.

    He reached the town, not very large, but busy. He stood out quite obviously and people began staring. He made his way to the lake shore and watched as men on boats tried to catch fish for the night's meal and children played in the sand.
  3. ( All my information on what paganism is I got from one person, but in their brief descriptions they were saying things more like the green man and jack frost than the greek/roman gods. Are you sure you meant pagan?)

    Serei was walking along a path to a small town known as "Skylgar". It was relatively new, constructed after the district was restored to nature after it had been a city. It looked just as idyllic as it had done long in the past now. The frost covered gravel crunched beneath her feet, and a light snow had decided that this was a good time to occur. She knew not whether it was winter though. No one did now. It was just a matter of surviving. A glint of light caught her eye, and on the hillside above her seemed to be a humanoid creature with a silver claw. It reached the town before she could draw her bow, and she broke into a run, eager to kill this demon before it could get at her supplies.

    When she got there, she was out of breath, and rather confused. There was not a demon in sight, neither was there a corpse, and the villagers seemed to be going about their daily business.
  4. ((Pagan, noun- 1. a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions. 2. relating to pagans. Google Definition.))

    Allfain was alerted as he saw a person sprint to where he had entered the town, looking lost and confused, and found it quite amusing. She must have seen the glint of his blade and thought he was a demon. Well, the 'demon' may as well introduce itself. He walked up to the young woman, and made himself known. "See something did ye? Lotsa things be roamin th' woods these days." said he, arms crossed over his chest, laughing a little at the woman's false sight and supposed eagerness to rush into battle with the creature. "Tis it ye think ye saw?"
  5. (Well I'll be damned. I thought paganism was one set "religion".)

    Serei ignored the question. She knew all too well that telling strangers things about yourself is a very bad idea in this world. "I haven't heard that accent for 15 years. I'm surprised it still even exists." She relaxed. If he was a demon, he was within easy distance to get a knife buried in the gut, and he didn't have any sort of protection.
  6. ((Nope.))

    "Glixian. Not too comm'n these days, me fam'ly's one o' the last that uses it. Passed down generations." He tilted his head, looking at the girl, more intent on studying her posture. She was ready to kill him if need be. "Relax, girl. I'm new here, but I'm no demon, nor do I mean any harm to ye, or ye people. I could use a tour 'round town if ye don't mind? Or should I be looking elsewhere?" he asked. If he could befriend one of the locals he might be able to fit in easier. Blend in with the crowd. And for a man of his type, blending in was essential.
  7. "Hmm. I can show you around, but I can't gain you any trust among the townsfolk. They generally don't like newcomers." She realised her own accent was showing, probably a bad idea since it was thought the upper class Fralaxian caused the demons in the first place. She neutralised it again. "Follow." She started walking north, towards the main gate of the town. They'd done quite a good job with it really. It was almost a working civilisation. Most of the people were come and go, but it had lasted 30 years so far. Probably due to the wariness of the townsfolk. She continued this tradition as she shifted her knife around to a place where she could get a stronger strike if the need arose.
  8. Velcine walked aimlessly through the barren land of the Lake District. She'd heard tales of an old city here, whether these were fact or fiction she didn't know, but the concrete remains around her feet were more than a giveaway. Another pang of sadness came to heart, and isolation too. She looked around; her surroundings were all too quiet. She continued her journey, to where was uncertain for now.
  9. He smiled slightly as she agreed to guide him around, the Gods would not need to be by his side just this moment. The people were very cautious as he passed, though that was to be expected. He was a newcomer, and newcomers were not easily accepted these days. He'd seen why. At least the demons and animals were feral, and in such could be predicted. People, however, were intelligent, adapted quickly, could pull a move that shocks everyone and make it seem normal to them. You could never really tell what crazy bastards like people were truly capable of.
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