Corpse Party

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  1. I'm watching this video on YouTube right now,

    and now I'm super sad because,
    A) Seiko was one of my favourite characters in Corpse Party but she's fricking DEAD.
    and B) The choice of song!! (Listen to the English Subtitles version here )
    So tell me, fellow gamers/those who have played Corpse Party, what did you think of Seiko? And did you ship her with Naomi like I did?
  2. First of all, congratulations for the spoilers. Secondly...

    Well, it wasn't until Corpse Party I learnt the true importance of buttering my pooper, so for that reason, Seiko will forever hold a place on my heart.


    First Corpse Party was a great game, only played the first chapter of the second one. That first chapter, and what it did to Seiko was just... fuck you, game.
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  3. I've only seen the anime

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  4. Cry's Let's Play of Corpse Party was awesome. That was how I found out about it. Then I saw the older games and checked out those.
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  5. Never seen the anime, but I should get round to it sometime. I watched a scene from the ending though, which is changed up from the game and... shit, man, that was brutal.

    Corpse Party has terrific music, horror, dread and suspense, and so if anyone's interested in a good horror game, it definitely comes recommended. The ending of Chapter 4 is fucking amazingly intense and terrifying. If there's anything I can find at fault with the game it's... the godawful loli character in love with her brother who goes the entire game looking for a bathroom to piss in.


    Anyway! Music!

    Looking forward to the Vita game!
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  6. I only know of corpse party through Markiplier's playthrough.
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