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  1. This idea is based off the game Corpse Party. It will contain large amounts of blood and gore that will be heavily detailed upon. If you're afraid of the mention of blood, this RP probably isn't for you.

    (Copied from Wikipedia, since I'm TERRIBLE at explaining things.)
    Corpse Party is set in Heavenly Host Elementary an elementary school that was torn down following the murders and disappearances of several of its staff and students. In modern day, a high school called Kisaragi Academy has been built over the elementary school site. One rainy night, after celebrating their school's culture festival, a group of students, are telling ghost stories when their class representative decides to perform a charm called "Sachiko Ever After", which would allow them to remain friends for eternity. A sudden earthquake transports them to an alternate dimension where Heavenly Host still exists and is haunted by the ghosts of the school's murdered children. The students try to figure out the truth and mystery of the cursed school, in order to find their way home and survive the other shadowy forces that haunt the school.

    Whelp, that's the whole idea. If anyone is interested, just say so. I want to turn this into a group roleplay. You have to be completely okay with being killed off without warning though, since it's a possibility that might happen. It will only be because of the choices you make, of course! Not just out of the blue or out of hatred for you. :/


    - Viceroy
    - GoodEveningClarice


    - R-9 Pilot
    - Lady Bernkastel
    - Merry Berry
    - york

    It's up!
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  2. Hmm... I'm interested, but quick question; are custom characters allowed? Or do we have to play as characters Canon to the game o-o
  3. We will play as our own characters. :D
  4. Alright, I guess that'll work, I'm in!
  5. Excellent! Now we just need about.. four more people at most.
  6. Alright then I can't wait!
  7. I'm interested :3
  8. Interested~
  9. I think it might end up spreading myself rather thin, but I like Corpse Party so it might be fun to die in a cursed, haunted school building.
  10. It seems like some people are interested in some torturous fun. :3

    I think I might start it later today. I have to say though, in-game there are a lot of other schools that did the charm. So if your character dies, I will allow you to sign-up as another student from a different school. Only once! After that, it's game-over for you. You are allowed to stay and talk with other players even if you're dead, since once everybody dies or whenever the last few remaining escape, I'll continue the story and there will then be different characters. :)
  11. @R-9 Pilot
    @Lady Bernkastel

    Just so we're clear, you are all okay with your character being killed brutally and without mercy? I already said it would mostly be because of your choices, but a lot of people skim through stuff quickly and miss some things.
  12. If you're still collecting interested parties, I'm very interested and 100% fine with being killed off.
  13. If you're still looking for people I want in! Please :D I love Corpse Party and would love that whole concept of it all!
  14. So we have six people! Since it's seven counting me, I'll wait for one more person and then nobody else can join after that.
  15. I'm fine with random death. It's kind of how it goes. And really, nobody can complain when it's something we know full well going in.

    Also, I enjoy finding all the bad ends in games like Corpse Party.
  16. I should also tell everyone there must be an equal amount of both genders at the start of the RP. Four females, and four males. No intentions for romance, I just prefer it to be that way. Oh, and I must say this right now, I will already be playing a one of the males. Leaving three spots for other males.
  17. I can do either gender so whatever is needed at the end I'll take.
  18. I'd prefer one of the girls but don't really care in the end either.
  19. Whichever gender you prefer I'll gladly reserve it for you! :D

    I'll reserve a female spot for you then. :)
  20. I can take one of the guys.
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