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  1. Hi o/

    I have came here today to do a interest check on a new RP i came up with..what is this rp you may ask?

    I want to make a RP were the PCs can be the CEO of their own corporation, or be a employee of one corp..the Rp will be basically a huge competition to see which corporation will raise the highest and dominate the market

    There will be espionage RP
    Sabotage RP
    Corporate warfare RP
    Alliances will be forged and broken

    Everyone can have chance to turn the story in a new direction by making wise or unwise choices...

    Anyone interested?
  2. It certainly seems interesting. Eh, so how would it be done? Like do we make corporation on different products up? Do we make oc's for sabotage and such?
  3. Well once a group is established for the type of thing, i would discuss with the members on how the RP should go..should we all focus on one type of product..or should we all have separate markets...

    Also i might have to be a "dungeon master" of sorts and give the choices then deliver the outcome of choices...which may piss people off..but give choices much more realism..but be fair about it..

    That idea i just stated is not confirmed for the system i plan on using..just a base of a idea..if we did go with that idea it would add hatred some PCs can feel for the opposing corp, adding some real RP feelings
  4. So around how many people did you want this rp to have?
  5. i wanted this to be somewhat open..i enjoy large RP worlds..that have many personalities and it keeps things active...

    But i hope to have at least..4 different corporations before we consider starting
    as i want it to hit the ground running
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.