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  1. Corner Stone Liaison is a private rp between Kronas17 and Suguina - free to read, private to post. Unless otherwise stated from both participants.

    • A romantic story of a college student and an teacher - to be more plotted out as it goes

    • Characters currently:
      • Suguina - Saige Faiel - Art's Professor / Sub
      • Kronas17 - David Parkins - Student
  2. [​IMG]David Parkins was in the middle of jotting down notes for his physics class. Such a damn pain. David thought as he scribbled down a new set of notes and looked at the screen projection that was infront of him. His teacher, Professor Stine was a slow talker but he seemed to be going at a fast pace that day. His next class was in a few hours but he had a few homeworks to turn in as well as test to study for. He rested his head on his hand to keep his head up and he continued to take notes and listen throught the boring lecture until the class was dismessed.

    Slowly David placed his books and papers in his bag and then he stood heading out of his class. It was a chilly november day and he pulled his hoddie over his head as the wind blew. He stopped at the food stand to buy a burger before heading into his dometory and to his room. When he opened the door he knew that his roomate wasn't there and was probubally out flirting with all the girls on campus or high somewhere. After tossing his bags on the chair he ran his hands through his hair before plopping down on his bed and then going through his messages on his phone before taking a short nap.

    The sound of his alarm buzzing in his ear woke David up and he rubbed his eyes before turning off the alarm and then chaning his clothes. David chatted up with a few friends in the hallway before he dragged himself to his last class of the day. Class wasn't his thing and he would rather be haning out with his roomate just relaxing and enjoying life like it was. Class wasn't as bad besides the long test and then David managed to head to the front and grab his paper.

    The sound of chatting students laughing, arguing, fighting, kissing, and talking were everywhere you turned. It was hard to get to the tutoring class without people stopping him to make conversation or ask questions which he didn't feel like asking. He wasn't in the mood and he just wanted to finish up the day. He had got a slip saying his session would be held in the libary and he found his way before slouching in a seat and looking down at his history book waiting.
  3. [​IMG]

    All was quiet, well sort of. The drumming sounds of footsteps echoed outside of the empty classroom as the students from other studies had been released back into their urban freedom; leaving most teachers to their desired solitude for the moment. It gave the mentor who stood up in front of wide eyed, bored gazed and sleeping students a reprieve to recollect their thoughts, mull over questions a little longer and the greatest joy of their own private freedom.

    Nourishing the younger minds could be nothing but exhausting, but it all depended on how you looked at it as well. Each teacher had their own personal arsenal on how they would try to mold so many creative minds and how they would hone the respect each deserved as well.

    Straightening out the text books on scarred desk that she had the pleasure of using more of a seat than a desk; eyes flicked behind the light frames of her glasses to the scathed white board that hung upon the wall. Partly her own scribbles and partly some of the more mischievous students attempting to get a rise out of her. She should have known, this was her first real semester as a full fledged college teacher rather than the overlooking student teacher. It was a daunting task to say the least, but she seemed to have handled it finely. Though at the end of this class, she had been letting out an breath of relief and privately was gathering her wits for the next class. Though thankfully that wouldn't be for a while, it seemed that she had been blessed with a spare as it were.

    Hustling her rear off the edge of the desk as fingers draped lazily off the text books; heels clacked against the tiled floor - the sound bouncing back and forth along the empty room until she reached the slow rise of carpeted steps that led out of the classroom. There really was no sense to remain perched in here, especially if she didn't want to have a fellow teacher pop in. She wasn't all too gung ho for some of the other mind shapers.

    Apparently though, it seemed her escape was not to be as she found the gentle knock of someone's raping knuckles tapping against the paned glass of the door; forcing her attention upwards. It took more than her fair share to keep the defeated look from her face.

    "Ms. Faiel," a light smirk touched her lips as her name was droned out of the man's mouth. He said nothing more but handed her a folded note when she fully ascended the stairs. Cupping his hands behind his back, his mostly bald head reflected the low lighting in the room with an utmost grace as she was almost staring into the shiny dome. Clearing his throat to revert her attention to the note at hand, she rubbed a light palm across her face while eyes took in the writing on the paper. "It shouldn't be too hard for you to handle, just stick to the text books and let them do their assignments."

    Huffing a sigh to him, she could only give a tip of her chin to acknowledge what he was saying. "Thank you sir, suppose I ought to head over to the library right away."

    "If you wouldn't mind." False sincerity, she could practically taste it with how disregarded he was being. That wasn't something she was unaccustomed too. She was new here, meaning she was expendable in a sense.

    Seemed that she was playing substitute to the history class, apparently the real professor had been called away for some reason and she was the opt one to fill in. This must have been some way that teachers razzed and initiated new educators.

    Tucking the note into her pocket, she watched and waited as the elder man made his lazily way out of her legitimate classroom allowing her to pull the door shut and lock it. One could never be too careful with students around, especially when they were bored and looking to remedy such a thing.


    Rubbing her brow with the crook of a finger before she grasped the library door handle, it seemed that she had been the one to filter into the classroom later than the students. In truth she was expecting more than were sitting, which lead to two conclusions: a lot were ditching class - which she could honestly give little care for, or; it was a honest to god small class which was almost unheard of.

    Either way, she had no reason to dwell on it.

    Pushing the thin glasses up to rest on her nose properly, her hand draped in an roost against her shoulder as her chin tipped forward. There were more than a few curious looks and hushed whispers to her appearance here.

    Fingers spread out in their release of her shoulder to open outwards;
    "Seems Professor Steele has stepped out of the rest of the day and I'm filling in for this block of class. We'll keep this nice and easy for the sanity of us all; the reason you are all in the library of all places is to start researching. I've been told that you have all picked a point in history to write up a essay for and a region of the globe, so let's get right into that shall we?" she spoke gently her tone almost like a melodic lull - sweet yet stern.

    Clapping her hands together, she let a warmer smile touch her lips;
    "Any questions?"

  4. Students slowly showed themselves into the libary and looking as if it were some forign place they never knew existed. It was rare to see certain students in the libary unless they had to get a certain book for a class or just because they were meeting someone who happened to be there. The ones who haad the most trouble finding themselves in were the sports jocks and the " bubble heads" who were the ditsy dumb blonds who were a easy whore target in many guys eyes.

    David wouldn't classify himself as a sporty guy or a regular guy he was right smack in the middle like most. Playing spotrs was always his specialty and it was football. Highschool he was star RB on the varsity team and got in on a schlorship. The one place he would rather be ten where he was, the football feild. Like most people who had their stress relivers like reading, smocking, fighting, his was being out on the feild just to get his mind off of school.

    Once the majority of the students showed up he slunched lower into his seat to be farther out of view from his teacher until he saw a women apprroach the group and state that she was subbing in for for the history teacher. The smiles and grins formed on some of the students faces. It was obvious they wanted to take advantage of the situation but were spectical. Everyone knew that when there was a sub they could just slack off but the tone of voice was diffrent so they hesitated.

    David's eyes strained to stay away as he had his eyes glued to his paper. He was done. He had been done for the past twenty minutes but he didn't want to move his body. His eyes wandered around the room until he found then glued on the sub Ms. Faiel. It wasn't that he wanted to stare but he couldn't look away either. She wasn't old and if she said she was a senior at the college he wouldve belived her. Once he saw the clocks hand move he stood up from the table and walked over placing the paper on the subs table.

    It wasn't long before the class was dismissed and he was left there chatting up with his old friend from highschool who happened to be on the team as well. James, a QB who helped make things possible. David started to walk out the libary when he stopped and headed over to the sub. " Hey i was wondering what classes do you tutor?".
  5. Oh if she didn't know that some of them would attempt to raise her guile, she really would have to be a dense being in general. But those looks and how they seemed to smirk when they heard the word, sub, she knew that for her own sanity; she would have to be on her extreme watch.

    In truth she was grateful beyond belief when they hesitated - it certainly made her job and life a thousand times easier.

    With everyone seeming to understand the gist of what was required, she tucked her hands behind her back; surveying the lands as it were and moving in and out between the groupings of the students. She didn't care if they mingled while they worked as long as they weren't table top dancing and being a royal pain in the ass.

    Though it seemed that she caught the stare of singular student who seemed less than lackluster about mingling amongst his peers as much as others while being slumped into the chair, no writing was to commence as she was figuring he was either done or just didn't give two hoots about the assignment.

    Making her rounds only to feel that the students understood what was expected, she made herself a neat seat at one of the free round tables, and idly managed to keep her own attention on them and some of the history books that had been left behind for her for those just in case moments.

    Eyes lifted behind the frames when she heard the fluttering flop of the paper from the male student as the ringing bell of freedom chimed away to relinquish the students back out onto the campus.
    Exhaling lightly; she pushed her chair back to stand and gather up the text books to return them back to their proper classroom. It was the least she could do honestly.

    Idle chatter filled the library as some students remained to mix and converse amongst themselves; reminding her that it had been the last block of the day. Didn't mean her own freedom though, she still had some things to organize for her own classes and ready for tomorrow's lectures.

    Her mind seemed partial to the moment as she cleaned up only to find herself humming while her attention swept upwards into a half crook at the student beckoning her attention to the moment. Giving him a look over to see if he was just being cynical; she straightened out while tucking the books up under an arm.

    "Namely the art classes that the college provides; but I'll be handling some of the higher English courses later on in the year." She brushed aside some of the loose bangs, "Is there something you needed help with?"
  6. It wasn't as if he wanted to ask. In his mind he wanted to do everything but that. Shifting his body he placed his hands in his pockets looking directly at her. His exams were comming up and the last thing he wanted to do was fail before the big game. For one it was going to be the stressors of all stressors and two, he didn't want to be benched knowing that the team was going to need him. " Yeah well since the major tests are comming up i need some help on my history assingments".

    From outside the window you could see people boucing around as if they were retarted and one of them happened to be his roommate and he happened to be the main one sprolling out and about. " Look i dont want to waste alot of your time but i'd really appriciate it when you have the chance". He gave a half smile before turning and heading out the library doors. The sun was still up but it wasn't as bright as before. Some of the students were talking about the party that was going on tonight. He was deffinitally going.

    David knew for a fact that his roomate would force him to go even if he tried to stay. When he turned down the campus he walked into the double doors that led to the gym. It was almost empty except for a few kids shoots baskets. One half of the court was playing a game and the other half were just shooting. Tossing his bag off his shoulder he joined the kids on the team and played a few quick games before leaving.

    By the time he left the gym it was getting dark. David opened the door to his room to find his roomate half drunk already talking about the party. He nodded at what the guy was saying and was getting ready all at the same time. When they reached the party it smelled of alcohol,weed, sex, and all the rest. Students were practly either on the floor, taking shots back to back or dancing like there was no tommaorw.

    Halfway thought the party he was done. Drunik beyond all means necessary and was about to black out. He didn't know what happend next but he was in his bed and his alarm was booming in his ear. Sitting halfway up he looked out the window in complete shock. It was early moring but he was in his room. His roommate on the floor in some weird sleeping positin and the massive hangover. " Shit". He groaned and layed back in bed debating on heading to class.
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