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  1. This was spawned from something I noticed from @Brovo thread on Sticks and stones.

    In it part of my answer to the questions was the following:

    But on reflection of that I kind of realized that is an insanely vague and subjective answer. What exactly constitutes at core rights? What sort of rights do people think that everyone given the luxury of a civilized society should have inherent to them?

    So basically I'm going to pose the question to everyone here as to what rights you feel everyone should have.

    Please note we're talking in a Civilized sense. Not going by the "No one has any rights because Nature doesn't give a shit" idea, unless if say that observation influences/plays a role in the rights you think people within civilization should have.

    +No one be a dick and start trying to attack another persons views. If I see that shit happening I'm going to petition the Staff to lock the thread.
  2. The right to free information.
    The right to free speech.
    The right to free thinking.
    The right to free porn.
    The right to water
    the right to shelter
    the right to food

    One of these is super important....
  3. Doesn't the UN have an entire charter on human rights all people should be entitled to? I think that's a pretty good standard to uphold. I know rights vary by nation to nation, but generally the ones with good human rights records and policies follow a similar template to what @Hellis wrote down.
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  4. Keep in mind that human rights are just that--human defined. Our rights are only as inalienable as we choose to make them ourselves on a societal level. Nobody has a nature-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nature's only creed is "he who breeds before he dies, wins." Therefore, it is upon us to maintain lady liberty's torch, lest our apathy or fear let it go out.

    Generally speaking, human rights include but are not limited to...
    Freedom of religion, from religion. (Secularism.)
    The right to free speech and expression.
    Freedom of association. (That one person's actions in a social group do not condemn by law all others.)
    Equality in the face of the law: Rich or poor, black or white, man or woman.
    The freedom to choose where you live.
    The abolishment of slavery: That no man may ever own another man.
    Freedom of protest.
    Freedom to form unions and other workers bartering organizations.
    Freedom to conduct and create currency and products to sell on a market (free market).
    Freedom from harassment and violent actions. (The reason we have laws, basically.)

    All of these should generally be upheld without any exception due to race or sex. We are human first. All else is secondary.
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  5. Human rights are a noble concept, in theory. But like any theory, in practice, they are just words on a paper. Even in the so-called "civilized" world, you'l still find plenty of instances of violation of all the rights Brovo listed, if you just dig a little under the surface polish. Domestic abuse that goes un-reported for years, or never, school bullying, etc, etc... Not to even mention how often the goverments of all countrys break them... thats a vhole other story.

    Noble concept, shitty execution.
  6. Yup.

  7. There are lots of things I think people have a right to.

    *Thee right to free speech.
    People *should* have the right to feel safe in the comforts of thier own home.
    *The right to provide food for thier families free of the consequences of not purchasing a hunting/fishing license when they can not afford one.
    *The right to bear arms (my opinion-don't want to debate it.)

    There's a lot of basic rights that I believe in but the most important on a naturalistic level is the right for one to express thier own free will. That being said, one can argue that because we each have the free will to do as we choose then it somewhat negates all the other rights we think we are entitled to. Not that there won't be consequences for a person who exercises thier free will in ways that break the laws that society has placed, but it doesn't stop those actions from taking certain rights from others such as the right to feel safe in thier own home and whatnot.
  8. Yes, but what I'm asking here is personal beliefs. What do you as an individual think inherent rights of everyone?
    Like if you're using the Charter as a basis or inspiration you're more than free too, but for this thread I'm more asking what you yourself think it should be.
  9. Gotcha.

    My views still align with that. It's a pretty comprehensive guideline that's universally applicable, regardless of culture or government.
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  10. The right to be treated like a normal human being regardless of race, gender, sexuality, beliefs, mental or physical capabilities, etc.
  11. ^
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